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Kickstarter Debuts Creators-in-Residence Pilot Program

On Friday, Kickstarter announced as part of its mission to bring creative projects to life, it has launched the pilot of its new Kickstarter Creators-in-Residence program. The crowdfunding giant stated that during the pilot, it will open its Brooklyn headquarters doors to various campaign alumni… Read More

Gloomhaven Second Print Project Nears $3 Million During the Final Week on Kickstarter

With less than one week until its Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, Isaac Childres’ Gloomhaven second printing project has successfully secured nearly $3 million thanks to more than 30,700 backers.  As previously reported, Gloomhaven is described as a cooperative card-drive game of combat of 1-4… Read More

Kickstarter Reveals: $3 Billion Has Been Pledged to Independent Creators on Our Crowdfunding Platform

On Wednesday, crowdfunding giant Kickstarter announced that more than 12.7 million backers have raised $3 billion to go towards independent creators on the funding portal. It was revealed: “Every five seconds someone backs a Kickstarter project. More than 12.7 million people around the world have… Read More

Bears vs Babies Creators Announces Shipping Confirmation Update (Infographic)

Earlier this month, creators of the hit Kickstarter-funded card game project, Bears vs. Babies, Elan Lee and Matthew Inman, announced shipping confirmation details. The duo revealed that the game copies are almost ready. Bears vs. Babies is described as a card game with one goal: for… Read More

Inspired By Y Combinator: Kickstarter Unveils Requests for Projects Feature

Earlier this week, Kickstarter’s design and tech team announced the launch of their new Request for Projects Feature. According to the team’s lead, Julio Terra, this feature was inspired in part by Y Combinator’s request for startups. “As part of our endless quest for projects,… Read More

Wiivv Set to Complete Custom Fit Sandal Kickstarter Campaign With Nearly $525,000 in Funds

With its Custom Fit Sandal Kickstarter campaign set to close in less than 24 hours, Wiivv has successfully secured nearly $525,000 from more than 4650 backers for the project. The California startup launched the campaign last month and was seeking to raise a minimum of $250,000…. Read More

Kickstarter Hits New Milestone: Funds 25,000 Music Projects

Kickstarter’s first head of music, Molly Neuman, announced on Friday it hit a new crowdfunding milestone. The portal has helped 25,000 music projects successfully secured their funding targets. According to Neuman, 22,702 independent creators behind the projects have recorded albums, funded tours, founded labels, premiered… Read More

Kickstarter Announces Collaboration With New Museum By Announcing Latest Collection Projects

On Monday, Kickstarter announced an ongoing collaboration with New Museum, which is located in New York City. The crowdfunding platform stated: “Today, we’re pleased to announce an ongoing collaboration with the New Museum in New York City, showcasing an array of inventive projects that got started… Read More

PicoBrew Announces New Distilling Attachment PicoStill As Pico C Kickstarter Nears $1 Million in Funding

Just two weeks after launching its Pico C Kickstarter campaign, PicoBrew unveiled its latest product, the distilling attachment PicoStill, which is compatible with the company’s Pico countertop brewing appliances and Zymatic professional grade appliance. According to the Seattle-based startup, PicoStill is described as a device topped with… Read More

Crooked Crowdfunders: Prominent Crowdfunding Marketing Firm “Funded Today” Gets Fleeced But Fights Back & Wins

First Successful Arbitration Settlement Against a Crowdfunding Scofflaw Prominent crowdfunding marketing firm Funded Today is perhaps the most successful agency in their space today. Having helped to direct more than 300 perk-based crowdfunding campaigns to financial success, Funded Today has now been instrumental in raising… Read More

Update: “Gloomhaven” Board Game Second Printing Kickstarter Surpasses $2 Million

With nearly two weeks until the Gloomhaven second printing Kickstarter campaign is set to close, Isaac Childres’ latest board game project has surpassed $2 million thanks to more than 22,000 backers. Gloomhaven is described as a cooperative card-drive game of combat of 1-4 players. The game’s… Read More

Kickstarter Alum “Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return” Makes Netflix Debut

Less than a year and a half after raising over $5.7 million through crowdfunding giant Kickstarter, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return finally made its debut on Netflix.  Back in November 2015, Joel Hodgson, the creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000, launched a crowdfunding campaign… Read More

Update: Museum of the Moving Image’s Jim Henson Exhibit Kickstarter Project Quickly Overfunds; Announces More Muppets Stretch Goal

Just a couple days after launching a Kickstarter for its Jim Henson exhibit project, New York’s Museum of Moving Image has successfully secured its initial $40,000 funding target and is nearing $70,000 thanks to over 930 backers. The campaign was launched earlier this week and… Read More

TLC Releases First Single “Way Back” From Kickstarter-Funded Album

On Thursday, all-girl music group TLC premiered the first single from their Kickstarter-funded album. The new song, which is called “Way Back,” features Snoop Dogg. Bandmate, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, shared on her Twitter. Yes The Time Has Come #WAYBACK Single f/ #SnoopDogg Tomm #iheart #BigBoi Show 10am/pst… Read More

Kickstarter At Tribeca: 14 Funded Films to Make Appearance at 2017 Film Festival

With the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival set to kick off next week in New York City, crowdfunding platform Kickstarter announced the funded film projects that are making their way to this year’s event. According to the funding portal, fourteen Kickstarter-funded films will debut at the… Read More

Update: Wiivv Surpasses $300,000 Through Latest Kickstarter Initiative

With its second Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign set to close next week, Wiivv has successfully secured $300,000 for its new custom fit sandal project. The initiative was launched last month, seeking $250,000. As previously reported, Wiivv Custom Fit Sandals are digitally mapped from users’ smartphone. Wiivvs are notably… Read More

Museum of Moving Image Launches Kickstarter Campaign For New Jim Henson Exhibit

Taking a page from the Smithsonian Museum’s playbook, New York’s Museum of Moving Image has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for a new Jim Henson Exhibit. The organization stated it is seeking a minimum of $40,000 for the exhibition, which will explore the world… Read More

Update: “Gloomhaven” Second Printing Project Secures Nearly $1.6 Million During First Week on Kickstarter

Less than one week after launching the Gloomhaven (Second Printing) Kickstarter campaign, Isaac Childres’ project has successfully secured nearly $1.6 million from more than 17,300 backers. The original Gloomhaven campaign successfully secured $386,104 from 4,904 backers in September 2015. As previously reported, Gloomhaven is described as a cooperative card-drive… Read More

Wiivv Returns to Kickstarter: Seeks $250,000 For Custom Fit Sandals

Bionics company that creates custom 3D printed gear, Wiivv, has returned to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The company is seeking $250,000 for its new custom fit sandals. This new campaign comes less than two months after Wiivv secured $4 million during its Series A funding round and… Read More

Board Game Creator Isaac Childres Returns to Kickstarter: Quickly Raises Over $1.2 Million For “GloomHaven” Second Printing

On Tuesday, board game creator Isaac Childres took to crowdfunding giant Kickstarter to raise $100,000 for the second printing of his previous crowdfunding project, Gloomhaven. Within a matter of 24 hours, the initiative surpassed its initial target quickly (five minutes reportedly) and has so far… Read More