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Runs in the Family: Dalmore Group Founder’s 17 Year Old Son Finds Success on Rewards Campaign

It appears that raising money online runs in the family when it comes to Dalmore Group founder Etan Butler as his son is pursuing an already successful rewards-based campaign. Live now on Kickstarter, Gal Butler has raised over $85,000 on a funding target of just… Read More

Overfunding: Kokoon Surpasses £1 Million Funding Target on Seedrs

Intelligent headphone creator Kokoon has successfully secured its initial £1 million equity crowdfunding target on Seedrs. The funding round was launched earlier this spring and has attracted more than 400 investors. Kokoon describes itself as a digital platform helping people better use audio to help… Read More

Como Audio (& Tivoli) Smart Speaker CEO + Founder Thomas DeVesto Launches Wefunder Campaign: Listen to the Music

Does the name Tivoli Audio sound familiar?  Thomas DeVesto, the CEO, Founder, and Designer of Tivoli Audio (acq. 2015) and Cambridge SoundWorks (acq. 2000), recently launched his newest company, Como Audio, which designs, manufactures, and sells smart speakers. After successfully Kickstarting this past March (973 backers pledged $268,142 and… Read More

Crowdcube & Kickstarter Success Kokoon Launches Seedrs Funding Round

Less than two years after securing more than £1.6 million in funding through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, intelligent headphone creator Kokoon has launched a new funding round on Seedrs to raise £1 million. As previously reported, Kokoon is seeking to bring the world… Read More

Seed Crowdfunded on OurCrowd, Silo Launches Pre-Sale Campaign on Kickstarter

Silo, a company that was seed funded on investment platform OurCrowd, has launched their patented one-touch vacuum-sealing system on Kickstarter. Silo is seeking a minimum amount of $80,000 in orders. Silo is part of OurCrowd’s AI focused fund Cognitiv Ventures, Israel’s most active AI investor… Read More

Kickstarter Success OSSIC Shuts Down; Leaves Backers With No Highly Anticipated OSSIC X Headphones

Just a little over two years after securing $2,708,472 from 10,263 backers through its Kickstarter campaign, tech startup OSSIC announced it was officially shutting down and will not be delivering its highly anticipated OSSIC X headphones. As previously reported, the OSSIC X headphones supposedly calibrate… Read More

Update: Baubax Jacket 2.0 Secures More Than $1.1 Million on Kickstarter

Less than two weeks after launching its second Kickstarter campaign the new version of its famous jacket, Chicago-based startup BauBax has successfully secured more than $1.1 million. The campaign was launched earlier this month and quickly raised its initial $50,000 funding target in the first 24… Read More

Despite Previous Backer Drama, Chicago Startup BauBax Returns to Kickstarter to Raise $50,000 For 2.0 Version of Famous Travel Jackets

Just a couple of years after securing nearly $9.2 million through Kickstarter for its self-titled famous jacket, Chicago startup BauBax has returned to the reward-based crowdfunding platform to raise $50,000 for the second version of the jacket. Just days after the launching the latest funding… Read More

Crua Outdoors Returns to Seedrs & Quickly Surpasses £125,000 Funding Target

Just a little over six months after launching its second Seedrs campaign, Ireland-based tent brand Crua Outdoors has returned to the equity crowdfunding platform and has already surpassed its initial £125,000 funding target thanks to nearly 150 investors. As previously reported, Crua Outdoors’ first equity round secured £85,371… Read More

Following Kickstarter Failure, Gawker Receives Bid From Peter Thiel

Just days after former Gawker employees closed their failed crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the former news website received a bit from billionaire, Peter Thiel, who reportedly caused its demise a couple years ago. As previously reported, Gawker was forced to shut down after Hogan sued… Read More

Kickstarter’s Yancey Strickler Announces Support For Five NonProfits After Reading Predictions that President Trump’s New Tax Bill May Cost NonProfits Billions of Dollars

On Thursday, Kickstarter Co-Founder and current CEO, Yancey Strickler, took to Twitter to announce his support for five nonprofits after reading predictions that President Trump’s tax bill may have a huge negative impact against the organizations. Strickler’s support went to the following nonprofits, Bold Alliance,… Read More

Amazon Acquires Kickstarter Funded Home Monitoring Camera Startup Blink

Kickstarter alum and home monitoring camera startup, Blink, recently announced it has been acquired by online retail giant, Amazon. This news comes just two years after the company secured $5.8 million from private investors. As previously reported, Blink surfaced on the crowdfunding platform in 2014 and secured over… Read More

Uh Oh!: “Star Citizen” Developers Slapped with Lawsuit By Crytek For Breach of Contract

Big trouble for a crowdfunding success. Star Citizen, a highly anticipated video game that has surpassed more than $170 million in funding, is facing some legal issues. Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) and Roberts Space Industries (RSI), the creators of the game, have been slapped with a lawsuit by… Read More

Not Everyone Is Doing It: Kickstarter Is A 100% Firm No For ICOs

Following Indiegogo’s announcement that it, along with partner Microventures, listed their first ICO coming for a “Fan-Controlled Football League” (FCFL), that global crowdfunding platform’s competitor Kickstarter has officially announced it will not be doing any ICOs. As previously reported, the rapid rise of tokenized securities… Read More

Kickstarter Teams Up With Food-X to Issue a Joint Request For Innovations

On Wednesday, crowdfunding giant Kickstarter announced it is teaming up with global food innovation accelerator Food-X to issue a join Request for Innovations. The funding portal revealed that it and the accelerator are calling upon independent creators who are attempting to improve food systems, working… Read More

Former Gawker Employees Launch Kickstarter to Purchase Website

Just a little over a year after Nick Denton’s Gawker ceased all operations, a group of former employees of the popular website has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $500,000 in order to purchase Gawker through auction. Gawker shut down after Hulk Hogan sued the website… Read More

First Kickstarter Official Employee Cassie Marketos Returns to the Crowdfunding Giant’s Team; Appointed Vice President of Community Strategy

On Tuesday, Kickstarter announced its first official employee, Cassie Marketos, has returned to its crowdfunding team and is now its Vice President of Community Strategy. According to the funding portal, in the newly created role, Marketos will focus on the development of Drip, a tool for artists and creators… Read More

Two Years Ago, Strathberry of Scotland was Raising Money on Kickstarter. Today, it is an Instant Hit as Prince Harry’s Fiancee is Filmed with Handbag

Two years ago, Strathberry of Scotland was a Scottish startup looking to create an iconic UK brand in the luxury handbag space. The company leveraged the Kickstarter pre-sale platform to boost exposure for the small company raising £122,000 on a £25,000 goal. The Edinburgh based… Read More

Kickstarter Success & Techstars Alum Fathom Launches Reg CF Campaign on Netcapital

Fathom Drones, a Michigan-based drone startup, has launched a Reg CF campaign on Nextcapital, seeking funds as it prepares to expand. Founded in 2014, Fathom’s team has technical backgrounds range from mechanical, to electrical, to software engineering. They also have entrepreneurial experience through the Yale Entrepreneurial… Read More

Kickstarter Relaunches Community For Artist & Creators Drip

Less than two years after Kickstarter announced it has acquired Drip, the crowdfunding giant announced it has relaunched the artist community platform. As previously reported, Drip was described as a curated platform that gives creators and communities a place to interact through a sustained subscription. The… Read More

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