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Interaxon Raised Over $250,000 on Indiegogo, Now Raises $6 Million in Series A Round

Interaxon creators of a device that allows a user to control things with their mind, validated their concept on Indiegogo last year when they crowdfunded $287,472 from 1613 backers – has now achieved the next level of validation by raising $6,000,000 in a series A… Read More

Toronto tech firm raising funds for innovative thought-controlling headband

A Toronto company is banking on the support of tech loving consumers to bring its latest creation — a brainwave sensing headband — to market. King Street West startup InteraXon is best known for large scale installations of thought-control computing, which, for instance, saw people… Read More

Startup’s crowdfunding campaign promises thought-controlled beer tap

A Toronto-based startup seeking crowdfunding to launch its next product is offering those who hand over enough cash a way to telepathically communicate with their iPhones and pour themselves a beer. Interaxon Inc. specializes in thought-controlled computing and it’s recently unveiled its latest EEG sensing… Read More

InteraXon looking for crowdfunding for Muse, a brainwave-sensor headband (w/ Video)

Muse looks like a bent hair band: It’s worn across the top of the forehead and over the ears and has sensors in both locations that monitor alpha (resting state) and beta (active state) brainwaves. The brainwaves are converted to a signal that is broadcast,… Read More

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