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Equity Crowdfunding in Italy Today

Following the white paper “Restart Italia”, at the end of 2012 prepared by a task force of experts for the Minister of Economic Development, the Italian Parliament issued a law on startups including equity crowdfunding that was finally made possible by CONSOB (the Italian Authority… Read More

Convegno: Crowdfunding & entrepreneurship: a european perspective

“Crowdfunding & entrepreneurship: a european perspective” Giovedì 10 Luglio, ore 17.00 Aula BL27.01 Politecnico di Milano (Campus Bovisa) Via Lambruschini 4 – 20156 Milano Per partecipare all’evento, clicca qui e compila il form La Commissione Europea ha recentemente posto la sua attenzione sul fenomeno del… Read More

Companies and Crowdfunding: Claudio Bedino describes the future of Italian startups

From niche phenomenon to a driving force of the economy: how crowdfunding changes things and what are the future prospects for the startup and businesses. Claudio Bedino joined the world of entrepreneurship back in 2002, at only 19 years old.  He created a web agency… Read More

Musicraiser Launches Music Crowdfunding Platform & Support Network

Musicraiser is a new music crowdfunding platform based in Italy. They recently added English launguage support with German, Spanish and Portuguese on the way. Musicraiser emphasizes the involvement of musicians in the service and is also developing a professional support network. Musicraiser is embarking on… Read More

Summertime for Africa in Padua, a great concert at PalaFabris

(Staff Translation) This year the PalaFabris will be traversed by the “The Train of Energy” by the Summertime Choir , who will perform on December 8 at a concert full of excitement and novelty, they will be accompanied by the dance troupe of Etienne and a special guest:  Anthony , the singer who won… Read More

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