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European Securities and Markets Authority Posts Timeline for Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA)

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published a time frame for the implementation of Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA). EMSA is the EU securities regulator. The EU recently approved the legislation as it seeks to enable digital asset innovation while incorporating investor protection… Read More

Markets in Crypto-Assets regulation or MiCA Officially Signed Into Law in the EU

MiCA or Markets in Crypto-Assets – the legislation designed to create a regulatory ecosystem for digital assets in the European Union, has officially been signed into law. While the law had been previously approved and the signing is a formality, the legislation is now enforceable,… Read More

Don’t Treat Everything Like a Financial Instrument: 5 Questions Commenters Must Consider About MiCAR (with Proposed Answers!)

MiCar: Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation. Everyone seems to forget that blockchain is a database software at its core; better database software to be sure because it makes digitally unique items (known as “crypto-assets” or “digital assets”) possible in a transparent, auditable, and secure system, but… Read More

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