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FCA Provides 7 Reminders for Firms Engaging in Crypto

The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) this week again warned consumers about some of the risks it sees associated with cryptocurrencies. While acknowledging benefits cryptoassets bring, such as the abilities to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, the FCA said they also present risks to… Read More

Digital Transformation Specialist Fenergo Reveals that Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong Ranked Highest for Issuing Fines for Financial Crimes

A new study by Fenergo, provider of digital transformation, customer journey and client lifecycle management (CLM) software, has revealed that Malaysia ranked the highest for data privacy fines in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Fines from Malaysian authorities totaled nearly $4 billion this past year. Neighboring… Read More

Don’t Treat Everything Like a Financial Instrument: 5 Questions Commenters Must Consider About MiCAR (with Proposed Answers!)

MiCar: Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation. Everyone seems to forget that blockchain is a database software at its core; better database software to be sure because it makes digitally unique items (known as “crypto-assets” or “digital assets”) possible in a transparent, auditable, and secure system, but… Read More

UK Financial Conduct Authority Updates on Expectations as Brexit Deadline Nears

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published updated information on the ramifications of Brexit in a no deal scenario. Currently, the UK is scheduled to exit the European Union on October 31st. Recently, there has been some more positive chatter on negotiations, and the… Read More

Neuroprofiler: Risk Profiling & Suitability Testing Based on Behavioral Finance

  Neuroprofiler is a French startup whose online application uses the latest advances in behavioral finance to help investors determine their psychological investment profile. The company’s ambition is to provide financial services with suitability testing tools that are not only fully compliant, but also add… Read More

EU Report: No Strong Case to Create Synchronized Framework for Investment Crowdfunding

File this one under recently discovered, but the European Commission published a report earlier this year that pretty much crushed any hope for a more synchronized approach for debt and equity crowdfunding across Europe. As highlighted in the editorial by Alessandro Lerro earlier this week,… Read More

European Union Stops Harmonization Process for Crowdfunding Rules

At Crowddialogue Europe in Graz, Austria last week, a panel presentation, moderated by Ronald Kleverlaan, inquired about the status of the European legislation on crowd-investing. Looking back to 2014, with the EU Commission’s Communication “Unleashing the Potential of Crowdfunding”, soon followed by the 2015 Communication “Action Plan… Read More

Invesdor Closes Self-Crowdfunding Round at €1 Million. Readies for European Expansion

Debt and equity based crowdfunding platform Invesdor has closed its self crowdfunding round that was launched earlier this year.  The funding ended with 143 investors, from 16 different countries, owning 11.79% of the firm. Valuation was placed at just under € 6 million.  According to the… Read More

Invesdor’s Equity Offering Swiftly Hits Target: 422K+ € Invested, Now Overfunding

In April, Invesdor, an investment crowdfunding platform based in Helsinki, claimed the first EU license MiFID licence by financial authorities, to expand debt and equity crowdfunding services across all 31 EU and EEA countries. This level of operational license is part of the European Commission’s drive to harmonize financial regulations… Read More

Invesdor is First European Crowdfunding Platform to Receive EU MiFID License

Invesdor intends to become the largest cross-border investment crowdfunding platform in Europe. Invesdor, an investment crowdfunding platform based in Helsinki, has claimed the first EU license MiFID licence by financial authorities, to expand debt and equity crowdfunding services across all 31 EU and EEA countries. This level of operational… Read More

Italy Updates & Improves Equity Crowdfunding Rules

  The equity crowdfunding market has been slow to take off in Italy largely due to intrinsic limitations with the environment and regulations. But Italy is pivoting once again and adapting to the new world of capital formation. Just 18 months after having enacted (first in… Read More

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