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Fintech Firm Conotoxia Introduces Multi-Currency Card 2.0 for Relatives, Workers

Fintech firm Conotoxia has launched a multi-currency card 2.0. The new product makes it possible “to share cards with family members or company employees.” Users of the global fintech Conotoxia can now “order and share their cards with others.” Owners of the multi-currency 2.0 card… Read More

CWallet, M2P to Introduce Pre-Paid, Multicurrency Cards in Qatar

CWallet, a Qatar-based payment processing fintech startup, has teamed up with M2P Fintech, which claims to be one of Asia’s largest API infrastructure companies, in order “to enable prepaid and multi-currency cards in Qatar.” This partnership is “aimed at promoting financial technology intelligence, financial inclusion,… Read More

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