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Fintech Conotoxia to Allow Corporate Clients to Send Links to Other Users to Pay for Joint Purchases, Other Transactions

Conotoxia fintech’s individual and corporate users can “send other people links to pay for a joint restaurant meal, collect funds for a gift, and also, for example, tutoring or goods purchased at a market.” The new service is called “Accept payments”. Links can be paid… Read More

Fintech Firm Conotoxia Introduces Multi-Currency Card 2.0 for Relatives, Workers

Fintech firm Conotoxia has launched a multi-currency card 2.0. The new product makes it possible “to share cards with family members or company employees.” Users of the global fintech Conotoxia can now “order and share their cards with others.” Owners of the multi-currency 2.0 card… Read More

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