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Capital Cell Celebrates Bionure’s Recordbreaking Spanish Biotech Crowdfunding Campaign, Plans UK Launch

Bionure, a Spanish biotech company developing a  first-in-class drug for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, is currently 115% overfunding on Capital Cell. With more than €1,100,246 raised, Bionure has broken the record for the highest amount raised on a Spanish life science equity crowdfunding platform. Valued at… Read More

BCN Biotech News: Bionure Overfunding & Nearing 1M€ on Capital Cell

Valued at 9,400,000€, Bionure is overfunding on Capital Cell, raising more than 975,422€ from over 210 investors for 9.27% equity for its neuroprotector and myelin regenerator drug which treat Multiple Sclerosis. Bionure is a biotech-based company that is developing a new drug for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, a… Read More

Brief: Triple Tread Bikes Live on Crowdcube, Enables Cycling Freedom

A new patent-pending Trike, dubbed the Triple Tread, is now live on Crowdcube seeking s to raise £120,000 to bring to market a vehicle designed specifically to meet the needs of disabled or elderly riders.  Designed in the UK by Mark Harrison, the project has been bootstrapped by its founders… Read More