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Central Bank of the Bahamas to Launch its Own Fiat Digital Currency to Ensure Economy Remains Stable After Natural Disasters

The Central Bank of the Bahamas (CBOB) is reportedly preparing to launch its own fiat-based digital currency to ensure that the nation’s economy remains stable in the event of a natural disaster. CBOB governor John Rolle recently confirmed that the country was planning to release… Read More

GoFundMe Donors Raise Over $1M For Hurricane Matthew Victims

On Tuesday, crowdfunding platform GoFundMe announced its donors have raised more than a $1 million for the victims of Hurricane Matthew, which caused damage and devastation in various parts of the Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic,  Lucayan Archipelago, and some of the southeastern U.S. states. The funding… Read More

GoFundMe to Work Closely With State & Local Officials For Hurricane Matthew Relief Funding

With Hurrican Matthew continuing to cause devastation, GoFundMe announced it is working closely with state and local officials to ensure funds dedicated to the victims are delivered without any issues. The crowdfunding platform announced on Thursday: “We deploy proprietary technical tools and have multiple processes… Read More

Brief: GoFundMe Donates $150,000 Towards the Nepal Earthquake Relief

Seeking to help those affected by last month’s earthquake in Nepal, crowdfunding platform GoFundMe has announced it will donate $150,000 towards the relief efforts. The GoFundMe team stated: “In a continuing effort to aid those affected by the terrible earthquake in Nepal, GoFundMe has made… Read More

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