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Alipay Debuts Paperless Tax Refund Service in South Korea

Digital payment platform Alipay announced on Monday the launch of its paperless tax refund service in South Korea. The firm reported that it teamed up with Global Tax Free (GTF) for the new service, which notably enables Chinese tourists to apply for and claims tax rebates on their mobile phone… Read More

PENSCO Now Offers New Paperless Deal-Funding Technology For Retirement Investors

PENSCO, an alternative asset custodian for self-directed IRA investors, announced its new paperless deal funding technology — PENSCO Alt-Nav. The dubbed “first-of-its-kind” technology has been designed to help retirement investors who would like to invest in non-traded alternative assets using their retirement accounts, as well… Read More

Brief: COISHARE Celebrates First Working Prototype

COISHARE, a bitcoin technology crowdfunding company, announced on Thursday the successful demonstration of its Proof Of Concept System for issuing shares over a Bitcoin-like network. CTO of Coishare Filip Andersson stated, “We are excited to demonstrate the feasibility of our technology. We were able to… Read More

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