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SyndicateRoom’s Tom Britton Reflects on “Radical Change” in 2016 & “Perfecting” in 2017

This time of year is a natural time of reflection for most, and the fintech industry isn’t an exception.  This week SyndicateRoom co-founder Tom Britton posted his year review comments, summarizing 2016 as a year of radical change, “politically, economically and socially.” “Brexit, Trump, the Italian… Read More

Pets’ Kitchen Limited Lists with SyndicateRoom, Provides Furry Friends with Food & Vet Care

Pets’ Kitchen, a pet-health company that aims to provide high-quality pet food and veterinary services to improve the long-term health and well-being of furry companions, recently listed on SyndicateRoom. To date, the campaign has raised over £265,580 for 17.2% equity offered, priced at £0.25 a… Read More

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