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Ahrvo Labs Selects MX to Streamline ID Verification and Transaction Risk Management

Ahrvo Labs, an identity, document, and transaction management system provider, today announced it will integrate with MX Technologies, Inc., in order to “enhance its identity and transaction management systems — and streamline onboarding processes for U.S. clients.” Financial services and payment providers “using Ahrvo for… Read More

Open Banking: Moneyhub, MX to Accelerate Adoption of Open Finance

Moneyhub, the data and payments platform built on the principles of Open Banking and Open Finance, has announced a partnership with MX Technologies, Inc., which claims to be a leader in Open Finance in North America. This partnership enables Moneyhub and MX “to leverage each… Read More

Open Finance: MX Supports Instant Account Verifications, Enhanced Data for FuturePay

MX, which claims to be a leader in Open Finance, announced it will provide data cleansing and Instant Account Verification (IAV) for FuturePay’s MyTab, a digital revolving credit platform “for online merchants and their customers.” MyTab helps online shoppers across the U.S. “apply once for… Read More

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