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Entrepreneurs await rules for crowdfunding

Elisse Walter SEC Chairman

In April, President Barack Obama signed the bipartisan Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act into law. The entrepreneurial community cheered, saying the law would help small businesses raise money during their most vulnerable periods, when companies try to move from early to late stage. “The thing… Read More

Fundraising for Charity Using Crowdfunding

It used to be that most organizations fundraising for charity had to do so the old fashioned way, whether that be by direct (snail) mail, specific events, or in person solicitations.  These were all methods which could be very successful, but these methods were also exceptionally inefficient… Read More

Crowdfunding Site Razoo Announces Record-Breaking Year for Charitable Giving

World-record breaking online fundraiser raises $16.3 million in 24-hours crowdfunding through Razoo Company introduces real-time data visualization, expands operations and hires key executives in 2012 Razoo, the fastest growing crowdfunding platform for causes, today announced 2012 was its biggest year for charitable giving to date…. Read More

Crowdfunding 101: A Comparative Look at Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Razoo

Buzzwords and catchphrases evolve when there is some cool opportunity for success. People get excited, and sometimes we realize that “easy” success actually only works in very specific circumstances. One of today’s buzzwords is crowdfunding. First, some definitions. This isn’t crowdsourcing, which is another popular… Read More

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