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Legal: Top Attorneys Comment on Kim Kardashian’s Crypto Promotion Penalty Courtesy of the SEC

Yesterday, as was widely reported, well-known celebrity and influencer Kim Kardashian settled an enforcement action brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The infraction had to do with an Instagram post for EthereumMAX, the issuer of the EMAX token. The post, which was tagged… Read More

Crypto Pump and Dump. SEC Charges Arbitrade, Cryptobontix and Principles with Scheme Involving DIG

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed charges today in regard to an alleged crypto pump and dump scheme involving a digital asset DIG (Dignity). The SEC’s charges are against Arbitrade Ltd., a Bermudan company, and Cryptobontix Inc., a Canadian company, and their principals: Troy… Read More

Ripple: Judge Tells SEC to Hand Over Documents on Hinman Ethereum Speech, Once Again

While the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) keeps battling the courts, the courts keep telling the SEC to hand over the “emails and drafts” pertaining to the speech given by former SEC Corporate Finance Director William (Bill) Hinman discussing crypto in June of 2018. In… Read More

SEC Charges the Hydrogen Technology Company, Executives for Allegations Regarding Unregistered “Sales of Crypto Asset Securities”

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SECI  has filed charges against The Hydrogen Technology Corporation, former CEO, Michael Ross Kane, and Tyler Ostern, the CEO of Moonwalkers Trading Limited, for allegations regarding the sale of unregistered “crypto asset securities” of Hydro. The SEC also alleges that… Read More

SEC Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee Tells Commission to Make it Easier to Trade Reg A+ Securities

Several weeks back, the SEC Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee (SBCFAC) met and discussed secondary transactions for securities issued under Regulation A (Reg A+) as well as Reg CF. Private securities must adhere to various rules for investors to sell a holding creating hurdles… Read More

House Republicans Challenge SEC’s Authority to Pursue Climate Disclosure, ESG Rules, Includes Reg CF on the List

Several House Republicans have sent a letter to SEC Chairman Gary Gensler challenging his authority to demand climate disclosure reports from firms as well as other proposed rules, including ESG ambitions and areas like SPACs. Republican members of the House, including the top Republican on… Read More

Former CNBC Guest Commentator Hit with Fraud Charges by SEC [u]

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a civil injunctive action against James Arthur McDonald, Jr. The SEC noted that McDonald was previously a guest commentator for CNBC – the leading financial news network. The charges were filed against McDonald and his SEC-registered investment… Read More

Robinhood Rises on Back of Chatter that Payment for Order Flow will Remain in Place

Robinhood (NASDAQ:HOOD), a social trading platform providing access to both traditional securities and crypto, is seeing a bump in its share price as chatter indicates that the practice of Payment for Order Flow – will remain in place. Robinhood promotes is a fee trading service… Read More

Sparkster’s SPRK Token Offering is Target of SEC Enforcement Action, Must Pay $35 Million Penalty, Involved Ian Balina

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) says it has issued a Cease & Desist against Sparkster Ltd., and its CEO Sajjad Daya for offering unregistered digital asset securities. According to the SEC’s complaint, the SPRK token offering took place from April 2018 through July 2018,… Read More

SEC Investor Advisory Committee Shares Agenda for September Meeting

The SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee (IAC) is scheduled to hold a meeting this week, on September 21st. The agenda of the meeting has just been released. The meeting will focus on four panels including: Human capital management labor valuation and performance data; 10B-1 position reporting; 13D… Read More

Chatter: SEC is Preparing for More Oversight if Republicans Gain Control of House

Currently, the Democrats control the legislative and executive branches of government meaning they should be able to run wild with their legislative agenda. The reality is a bit different though, due to close margins in both the House and Senate and the fact that moderates… Read More

SEC Files Fraud Charges Against Digital Asset Promoter

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed fraud charges against Gabriel Edelman, Creative Advancement LLC, and Edelman Blockchain Advisors LLC, for allegedly defrauding investors out of $4.39 million. According to the SEC, Edelman and his affiliated entities offered and sold securities using false and… Read More

SEC Files Lawsuit Against Chicago Crypto Capital LLC, Claims Unregistered Securities Offerings

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is continuing its pursuit of platforms that are issuing digital assets without being registered as securities. In a lawsuit filed today against Chicago Crypto Capital LLC (CCC) and several executives, the SEC alleges the defendants defrauded investors. According to… Read More

Brother of Former Coinbase Product Manager Admits to Wire Fraud in Plot to Commit Insider Trading as SEC Pushes All Crypto Assets are Securities Opinion

On Monday, the US Department of Justice announced it had received a guilty plea from the “first-ever cryptocurrency insider trading case.” Originally covered this past July, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) simultaneously filed insider trading charges along with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the… Read More

SEC Open Meeting Agenda – Virtual

ITEM 1: Treasury Clearing Standards for Membership Requirements and Risk Management OFFICE: Division of Trading and Markets STAFF: Haoxiang Zhu, David Saltiel, Andrea Orr, Jeff Mooney, and Elizabeth Fitzgerald. The Commission will consider whether to propose amendments to the standards applicable to covered clearing agencies… Read More

Part of the JOBS Act Gets Updated as Reg CF and Emerging Growth Company Sees Inflation Adjustments

The JOBS Act of 2012, the legislation that also legalized online capital formation, included multiple regulatory updates. One, Title 1, has been a notable success as it has helped a growing number of smaller firms to go public. Title III created Regulation Crowdfunding or Reg… Read More

SEC Creates New Office of Crypto Assets to Address Unique and Evolving Issues Related to Crypto

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has created two new offices – one focused specifically on the digital asset or crypto-asset sector. According to the SEC, the Office of Crypto Assets has been added to the Division of Corporation Finance’s Disclosure Review Program (DRP). The… Read More

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Sings the Same Song on Crypto Regulation: Everything is a Security (Pretty Much)

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler continues to assert that pretty much all digital assets are securities and should be regulated as such. As part of the SEC Speaks series, Chair Gensler said that of the approximately 10,000 “tokens” he believes they are securities and the few… Read More

SEC Investor Advisory Committee Schedules Meeting, Will Discuss Climate Disclosure Along with Other Topics

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Investor Advisory Committee (IAC) has scheduled a meeting for September 21st. According to the Sunshine Act Notice, the IAC will be discussing Climate Disclosure along with a recommendation made by the Committee. Currently, the SEC is proposing new rules… Read More

Internet Offering Fraud: SEC Charges Group With Fraud for Bogus Fund that Didn’t Exist

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged the Archer Capital Management Group, Archer Growth Fund, and two related entities, HDR Management LLC and Silvermoon Group LLC, with an alleged fraudulent scheme that raised $2.6 million from at least 20 unsuspecting investors. According to the… Read More

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