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Real-Time Payments Milestone: RTP Network Surpasses 1M Transactions on a Single Day

The RTP Network, the instant payments system operated by The Clearing House that is available to all insured depository financial institutions in the United States, surpassed the one million daily payment milestone “on September 1 as more financial institutions and their customers realize the benefits… Read More

Instant Payments Solution: RTP Network Expands Request for Payment (RfP) Availability

Using the Request for Payment (RfP) capability on the RTP network, the instant payments system operated by The Clearing House, broker dealers, billers and suppliers “can now request a payment from their customers through secure bank channels, and receive an instant payment in response from… Read More

Real-Time Payments: Iliad’s Test Platform Simulates Elements of RTP Network from The Clearing House

Iliad Solutions has announced the launch of a new test solution which will reduce costs and make it simpler to develop and deploy systems to operate with the RTP network, the real-time payments system from The Clearing House. The solution is pre-configured “to virtualize all… Read More

Sionic Introduces Suite of Trust-Based Services for Bank-to-Bank, Verified Rapid Payments

Sionic, a provider of omni-commerce, faster digital payments solutions, today announced it is launching a suite of new, trust-based services “to address the significant challenges facing faster payments in the U.S. whether on The RTP® Network or upcoming FedNow™ bank rails.” The services are “designed… Read More

Digital Banking Group TAB Bank Joins Forces With Volante Technologies to Provide Real-Time Payments Over the RTP Network

  TAB Bank, a full-service digital bank that services SME customers based in the U.S., announced on Wednesday it has teamed up with cloud payments and financial messaging provider Volante Technology to help provide real-time payments over the RTP network to its digital customer base.  Through… Read More

MUFG Union Bank Debuts Real-Time Payments for Clients on the RTP Network

MUFG Union Bank N.A. announced on Thursday receipt of real-time payments is available for its corporate, commercial, and retail clients via the RTP network. The RTP network, which is operated by The Clearing House, notably provides instantaneous receipt of payments that increases payment certainty and… Read More

Cross River Announces Plans For RTP Network Real-Time Payment System Implementation


Cross River, a bank that delivers advanced financial and compliance products/services to the fintech industry, announced on Thursday it has plans to enhance its real-time payments capabilities for its partners through its application to join the RTP network developed by The Clearing House (TCH). Cross… Read More

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