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Mastercard Approved for Coinbase NFT Buys Later in 2022

Mastercard users will soon be able to use their plastic to buy NFTs on Coinbase’s upcoming NFT marketplace, the two companies announced this week. Coinbase had announced Coinbase NFT in October of 2021. “Our mission at Coinbase is to increase economic freedom in the world,”… Read More

Refund Fraud Prevention: Disputify Founder Explains How His Tech Platform Addresses Online Refund Abuse

The team at Mastercard (NYSE: MA) notes that for most or many of us, returns are “a necessary evil” following the holiday shopping season. For example, that sweater that Mom gave you might be two sizes too small. But for some consumers, returns are just “another… Read More

Amazon Decides to Continue to Accept Visa Cards in the UK, For Now

Towards the end of 2021, Amazon UK distributed an email to its customers stating it would stop accepting Visa cards for purchases beginning January 19, 2022. Today, it is being widely reported that Amazon has backed away from that decision. According to AP, Amazon has… Read More

Asia United Bank and Wallyt to Support Mastercard Acceptance via QR Codes in the Philippines

Asia United Bank (AUB), one of the fastest-growing publicly listed universal banks, has teamed up with Wallyt, a virtual banking solution provider, in order to offer a card payment acceptance solution for merchants though a card QR code or link. Wallyt is a Hong Kong-headquartered… Read More

Zilch Expands Parternship with Mastercard with BNPL Service

Zilch has announced an expanded partnership with Mastercard (NYSE: MA) to bring a buy now, pay later (BNPL) service to Europe. Zilch’s digital card is currently available in the UK and reports over 1.7 million customers in less than 15 months. Zilch initially announced a… Read More

Mastercard Reveals How Jacksonville, Florida’s MRKT Is Using the Company’s Shop Anywhere Technology

Mastercard writes in an update that the future of physical retail is “slowly making its way into your daily life.” As noted by Mastercard (NYSE: MA), you may find an example of that trend “near Section 244 at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, Florida.” There,… Read More

Digital Money Transfer Platform ZEN.COM Introduces Service that Converts Fiat to Virtual Currency

Digital money transfer service ZEN.COM, which is reportedly powered by Mastercard (NYSE: MA), has introduced the conversion of fiat money into digital assets, as well as the “transfer of fiat currencies to any digital wallet servicing BTC, ETH or USD-T (ERC-20), with more currencies coming… Read More

After Unprecedented 2021, Mastercard Predicts Even More Digital Currency Innovation in 2022

On its face (or at surface level), 2021 may not have seemed like the year cryptocurrency “got serious,” according to an end-of-year update from Mastercard (NYSE: MA). The team at Mastercard noted that this year, we had Elon Musk sending Dogecoin (a virtual currency initially… Read More

SweepBank Taps Tuum to Deliver “Netflix Experience” to Banking in 2022

SweepBank, a European customer-centric digital banking service offered by Ferratum Bank, recently announced it is using Tuum’s next-generation core banking platform to deliver what it calls the “Netflix experience” to the banking industry. Utilizing Tuum’s banking core, lending, and card capabilities, as well as European… Read More

Mastercard to Acquire Dynamic Yield, McDonald’s SaaS based Personalization Platform

Mastercard (NYSE: MA) and McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) have announced an agreement for Mastercard to acquire McDonald’s personalization platform and decision engine company, Dynamic Yield. As mentioned in the announcement, Dynamic Yield’s tech is a valuable addition to Mastercard’s extensive suite of services that assist brands… Read More

Amy Neale, SVP for Fintech and Enablers at Mastercard, Says They Continue to Work on Innovative Programs for Startups

Mastercard (NYSE: MA) welcomes its new wave of startups to its Start Path startup engagement program. Start Path alums have shared their industry insights into the top trends of this year and what they’ve learned from a challenging year. The international economy continued its recovery… Read More

Arab Monetary Fund Enters MoU with Mastercard to Facilitate Growth of Payments

The Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) and Mastercard (NYSE: MA) have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Per the terms of this MoU, Mastercard and Buna (the cross-border and multi-currency payment system owned by the AMF), will “seek strategic interoperability between their respective… Read More

Republic of North Macedonia Introduces National Digital ID Program with Assistance from Mastercard

The Republic of North Macedonia has introduced its National Digital Identity Service – with assistance from Mastercard (NYSE: MA) – in order to support the nation’s fast-evolving digital economy. The partnership between Mastercard and the Macedonian Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA) – first… Read More

NordVPN: 1.6M Stolen American Card Detail Sets For Sale on Dark Web

Americans are the most common target of payment card fraud, based on details for sale on the dark web, new research published this week by NordVPN shows. The company analyzed 4.5 million payment card details belonging to citizens of 140 countries that were found by… Read More

Global Fintech Jeeves and MasterCard are Providing Fully Locally-Issued Physical and Virtual Cards for Mexico’s Businesses

Mexico is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, but its local businesses still struggle to access credit without super-high fees and tedious paperwork. Mastercard (NYSE: MA) and Jeeves, the financial partner for Mexican businesses, have teamed up to address this issue by introducing… Read More

Mastercard Enhances Support of Latin America Real-Time Payments with Acquisition of Arcus

Mastercard (NYSE: MA) announces that it has acquired Arcus FI, an alum of the firm’s Start Path program, in order to help support the delivery of bill pay solutions and “other real-time payment applications across Latin America.” As mentioned in the announcement: “With offices in… Read More

Gránit Bank Now the First Commercial Bank to Offer Mastercard Carbon Calculator to Clients

Gránit Bank is one of the first banks to offer the Mastercard carbon calculator on November 15, 2021, which enables cardholders to check out the environmental impact of their purchases via their mobile bank. As mentioned in the announcement, the Carbon Calculator has been developed… Read More

Amazon’s Visa UK Snub to Hammer #2 UK Credit Card Issuer Right in the Wallet

Visa finds itself in the wrong place at the wrong time and that will hurt its business in the United Kingdom, GlobalData payments analyst Chris Dinga said in a research note today. As of Jan. 19, 2022, Amazon will no longer accept payments from Visa… Read More

Payments Fintech mx51 Appoints Varghese Matthew as New Chief Customer Officer

Payments Fintech mx51 has reportedly hired ex- Mastercard Australia VP Varghese Mathew to serve as its Chief Customer Officer. Varghese brings around 10 years of industry experience in financial services and tech to the role, occupying key roles at Mastercard, The Boston Consulting Group and… Read More

Mastercard Teams Up with Home Remitt to Support Migrant Workers with Sending Funds Abroad in Near Real-Time

As the demand for fast, highly secure, and seamless virtual payments solutions continues to rise, Mastercard (NYSE: MA) has teamed up with Home Remitt in order to support migrants residing in South Africa by safely sending funds in near real-time to their friends and family… Read More

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