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Metropolitan Police Seize Record Amount of Crypto in Money Laundering Case Valued at £180 Million

Just weeks after a record amount of crypto seized by authorities in the UK, the Metropolitan Police have topped that amount in taking possession of cryptocurrency said to amount to almost £180 million. According to Scotland Yard, the seizures were made by detective from the… Read More

Crypto Experts Weigh In on Scotland Yard $158M Bitcoin Seizure

In late June, Scotland Yard seized more than $158 million in Bitcoin as part of a money-laundering investigation. London’s Metropolitan Police said that total was more than double the amount of cash seized in all of 2020 and is the biggest crypto take in UK… Read More

The Largest Cryptocurrency Seizure in the UK: Authorities Hold £114 Million in Crypto in Money Laundering Case

The Metropolitan Police have seized £114 million in crypto – said to be the largest seizure in the UK and perhaps the largest globally. According to a statement by authorities, the seizure was carried out by detectives from the Met’s Economic Crime Command on the… Read More

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