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Digital Banking: Hong Kong’s WeLab Bank Launches Tesla Exclusive Loan with 0% APR

WeLab Bank, which claims to be the most innovative bank in Hong Kong, launched the Exclusive Limited-time Offer: Tesla-dedicated Loan with 0% APR “for selected Tesla owners and staff from selected organizations across Hong Kong.” Eligible customers will also “enjoy bonus offer including free supercharging1,… Read More

Digital Banking: WeLab Introduces Wealth Advisory Service

Hong Kong-based digital bank WeLab recently revealed that it has introduced its virtual wealth advisory service, GoWealth Digital Wealth Advisory. Clients may kick start their personalized investment plans from as low as HKD 100. In April 2022, WeLab had been granted Type 1 (dealing in… Read More

Hong Kong based Virtual Banking Platform WeLab Bank Reports Solid Growth and Adoption of Digital Financial Services

WeLab Bank, a digital bank that’s licensed by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), is celebrating its first anniversary with solid results. Since it began offering services in July 2020, WeLab Bank claims that it has raised “public expectations” of banking services with the launch… Read More

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