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Brief: Pop Star Taylor Swift Donates $5,000 to GoFundMe Campaign Dedicated to Fan in Deadly Car Accident

Last week, music sensation Taylor Swift reportedly donated $5,000 to a GoFundMe campaign that was dedicated to one of her fans, Katie Beth Cater, who passed away in a car accident. The initiative was launched to show love and support her family by helping to… Read More

Hey Yeezy Fans: New GoFundMe Campaign Launches to Help Kanye West Out of His $53M Debt

Following Kanye West stating on Twitter that he is $53 million in debt, fans of the hip hop recording artists are hitting crowdfunding platform GoFundMe to help get him “back on his feet.” The campaign, which was organized by Yeezy fan, Jeremy Piatt, reads: “Recently, Kanye… Read More

Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 to Dancer’s GoFundMe Campaign

  Ready to repay someone who has helped her in the past, Taylor Swift hit GoFundMe once again to donate $50,000 towards one of her dancers, Toshi Davidson, who’s nephew is sick. The campaign’s description reads: “Baby Ayden is 13 months old. He was just… Read More

Brief: Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 Towards GoFundMe Campaign Dedicated to Fan Battling Leukemia

Always looking to help a fan in need, pop sensation Taylor Swift offered up $50,000 towards a GoFundMe campaign dedicated to 11-year-old Naomi Oakes, who was recently diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. According to People, Oakes’ family posted a video on YouTube sharing her story and revealing the fact… Read More

Indiegogo’s Slava Rubin Shares His Thoughts On Taylor Swift Convincing Apple to Pay Independent Artists (Video)

Weighing in on Taylor Swift’s recent move to convince Apple to start paying independent artists, CEO of Indiegogo, Slava Rubin, sat down with Squawk Alley to reveal his thoughts on the situation. Recently the country-gone-pop starlet revealed her thoughts about Apple and how she didn’t… Read More

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