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Crypto Users Third Worst at Passwords

A fool and his or her password are soon parted, says password manager app-provider Dashlane, and cryptocurrency users are the third worst fools in that regard. Dateline does an annual list of “Worst Password Offenders,” and on this year’s list, crypto-types are only outperformed in… Read More

What Has Crowdfunding Got to Do with Kanye West?

In case you hadn’t noticed, crowdfunding is HOT news right now. Regardless of sector or business vertical, if the onus is on raising money then crowdfunding appears to be the contemporary fairy godmother of fiscal aid. If you don’t believe me, do a quick google… Read More

Brief: Funds From Viral Kanye West GoFundMe Campaign to be Donated to Music Education Nonprofit, Notes for Notes

GoFundMe announced on Thursday the funds originally raised by campaign organizer Jeremy Platt to “Get Kanye Out of Debt” will be allocated to music education-focused nonprofit, Notes for Notes. Notes for Notes is a nonprofit organization that designs, equips, and staffs Boys & Girls Clubs… Read More

Kanye West Will Not Be Taking Any Funds from GoFundMe Campaign

Following the launch of a fan running GoFundMe campaign to help Kanye West, sources close to reportedly “debt-stricken” musician revealed that he won’t be taking ANY of the funds from the initiative. The organizer of the campaign, Jeremy Piatt, revealed to TMZ that he was contacted by… Read More

Hey Yeezy Fans: New GoFundMe Campaign Launches to Help Kanye West Out of His $53M Debt

Following Kanye West stating on Twitter that he is $53 million in debt, fans of the hip hop recording artists are hitting crowdfunding platform GoFundMe to help get him “back on his feet.” The campaign, which was organized by Yeezy fan, Jeremy Piatt, reads: “Recently, Kanye… Read More

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