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The Defender Returns To Indiegogo & Participates in the Platform’s Forever Funding Program

Earlier this month, Pangaea Services, Inc., the creators of Indiegogo-success The Defender, announced that it is participating in the crowdfunding giant’s new forever funding program.  As previously reported, The Defender is made to provide confidence and peace of mind, by taking crime prevention to the… Read More

Crowdfunding Now: Top 5 Back-to-College Items

With back-to-college season in full swing, parents and kids are looking for ways to succeed in academics and student life. Below are Crowdfund Insider’s top 5 back-to-school items we know everyone will love while hitting the books on campus. The Defender: Smart Personal Protection Colleges everywhere… Read More

Personal Protection “The Defender” Beats $100,000 Goal in 24 Hours

Pangaea Services, Inc. announced the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on Tuesday (July 22nd) for its brand new product, The Defender. The device deters a prospective criminal with an array of self-defense features, including a 24/7 monitoring service, camera, strobing flash, siren, and… Read More

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