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Turkish Democracy Group Now Crowdfunding for NYT Ad for Berkin Elvan

Last summer the world was mesmerized as the nation of Turkey rose in dissent against their political class.  What started as a simple protest, grew into a national movement of democracy and a demand for civil rights.  Crowdfunding became part of the movement when some… Read More

StartupTurkey – Antalya

Startup Turkey is the leading startup event which brings together founders, entrepreneurs, investors and executives in the region. It’s a gathering of the leading startups, internet companies, business angels and venture capitalists from Middle East, Europe and the US. This event is made of networking…. Read More

Turkish Democracy in Action Crowdfunding Campaign Set to Unveil Non Profit October 18th

Back in June of this year, the protests for Turkish Democracy were heating up.  Prime Minister Recep Erdogen had taken a heavy handed, autocratic approach to a small band of protesters who were against a project to change a public park to a shopping development…. Read More

Turkish Democracy Runs Crowdfunded Full Page Plea in NYTimes

“Crowdfunded entirely by individuals from around the world”, the “Full Page Ad for Turkish Democracy in Action” crowdfunding on Indiegogo still has two days to go and now stands at over $103,000 raised.  The ad was incited by the growing popular protest occuring in Turkey… Read More

Full Page Ad for Turkish Democracy in Action: Vote on Ad

The crowdfund campaign to pay for a Full Page Ad supporting Turkish Democracy has quickly surpassed their initial goal.  The organizers continue to reach out to supporters for advice.  Now the organizers are asking for suggestions as to which Ad Copy they should publish. In… Read More

Full Page Ad for Turkish Democracy Quickly Crowdfunds on Indiegogo (UPDATED)

The internet was ablaze with images and comments regarding the growing protests in Turkey prior to Mainstream Media getting a handle on the story.  Facebook, twitter etc. were quickly showing the shocking images and sharing the stories of the protest while Turkish leader Erdogen cracked… Read More

From Turkish delight to concrete, a successful crowdfunding project

(Staff Translation) Frances Dal Chele is a photographer. Italian-American, she has spent more years in Paris than in any other place on earth. And after she fell in love with the French Capital, she fell head over heels for Turkey. Not only the Turkey of… Read More

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