Crowdfunding Incubator LLCCrowdfunding Incubator has announced that it had released its new, unconventional crowdfunding website.

Douglas E. Castle, the company’s Chief Executive said “We’ve studied the other project financing websites, and have created a public capitalization vehicle that absolutely addresses the real-time, real-world needs of start-ups, early-stage entrepreneurial ventures, small to medium-sized ‘conventionally unbankable’ companies as well as for charitable and humanitarian cause-based not-for-profit initiatives.

“Crowdfunding Incubator didn’t merely create another quilt-style website from the industry-standard template. We were much more concerned with selecting better projects and seeing them through to a state of successful achievement of their stated objectives than creating a massive art museum of projects and playing a statistical game — a game where the house wins even if many of the projects fail. No. We designed the functionality of our site from the bottom up to be the very best in its class. And our team is not afraid to be a disruptor in creating a radically-different paradigm for an industry without any defined success standards.

“We qualify and evaluate projects submitted for posting; we structure their infusions or installments of funds such that their cash flow and working capital needs will be met according to a budget over increments of time, and not with an all-or-none ‘beat the create-your-project-and-get-fundedclock’ game show mentality; we provide better immediate and longer-term incentives to contributors than other sites which often provide only a speculative benefit if the threshold of capital is raised, or a late contribution refund if a fundraising operation for a project is unsuccessful; we interact with our project sponsor clients and our contributors; we provide a hands-on suite of vital business services to our selected clients to increase the likelihood of every project’s success from planning and presentation all the way to economic self-sufficiency; we absolutely intend to be an early adopter of FINRA reporting and compliance.

“Crowdfunding Incubator will make crowdfunding and the important related enterprise-building resources into a profession — an institution worthy of respect, and to honor the private sector empowerment spirit of the JOBS Act.

We have engineered a totally new business model which is managed more like a combination of a friendly bank, a project management assistance team and a true partner in progress than the typical hit-or-miss sites which offer nothing to assist either the project sponsor or the contributors in building a true win-win scenario. Too many of those crowdfunding portals or platforms are like bulletin boards instead of innovation factories.”

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