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Fintech Sandbox: Celebrates One Year Anniversary

FinTech Sandbox, a nonprofit that helps FinTech startups access data and build great products, today announced a series of celebrations marking its one-year anniversary. The biannual FinTech Sandbox Demo Day will be held on March 24, 2016 at Fidelity Investments headquarters. Sandbox sponsors, data partners,… Read More

Lidia Szczepanowski Selected to Lead Board of Crowdfunding Incubator

Lidia Szczepanowski, Esq., will be the first Chairperson of the Executive Advisory Board for The CFI Group Of Companies (‘CFI’).  CFI owns and controls a group of companies, including CrowdFunding Incubator LLC which provides products, services, scalable solutions, strategic consulting and intelligence to entrepreneurial enterprises. A… Read More


Crowdfunding Incubator has announced that it had released its new, unconventional crowdfunding website. Douglas E. Castle, the company’s Chief Executive said “We’ve studied the other project financing websites, and have created a public capitalization vehicle that absolutely addresses the real-time, real-world needs of start-ups, early-stage… Read More

CFI Enters Into Crowdfunding Deal With Hi9 Technologies

The CEO of CrowdFunding Incubator LLC (CFI), Douglas E. Castle announced today that the company had finalized its negotiations with Zsolt Zsofka, Chairman of Hi9 Technologies, and that Hi9 would be one of the first selected companies to be showcased on the CFI website, scheduled to be… Read More

Crowdfunding 2013: More Challenges & Investment

“In 2013, crowdfunding deals will be more formally developed to a higher standard of planning and disclosure than in 2012, when crowdfunding was seen as a hot new panacea for virtually every half-baked idea that could be printed into a square the size of a… Read More

Crowdfunding Projects Won’t Spontaneously Fund Themselves

Like a hangover from 2012, there is a growing and potentially painful misconception that if you just toss an idea up on a crowdfunding website, money will come running after it. Or the belief that contributors stay up all night scouring the internet for projects… Read More

CrowdFunding Incubator To Launch Crowdfunding Website

Douglas E. Castle, the Chief Executive Officer of CrowdFunding Incubator LLC (“CFI”), announced this morning that CrowdFunding Incubator’s revolutionary new website will be launched within the next four weeks. The site combines a highly-interactive mobile-friendly crowdfunding platform with a full range of entrepreneurial, incubator, accelerator,… Read More

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