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INWY-Cover-MkI-300Mike Har­ris is tak­ing the route cho­sen by many authors through­out his­tory — by try­ing to make his Grandfather’s nov­els a self-publishing suc­cess. Are you ready to take a chance on an unknown author, and help make it hap­pen for him?

Self-publishing feels like a rel­a­tively new thing, doesn’t it? It’s thanks to the ebook rev­o­lu­tion, it seems, that we have seen an explo­sion in self-published books. Amazon’s shelves are pos­i­tively teem­ing with offers, some good, some bad, some extra­or­di­nary and some down­right awful.

But the truth is that self-publishing has been around for a lot longer than you’d think. Before the likes of E. L. James, Amanda Hock­ing and John Locke took over the best seller lists, authors of all walks of life were tak­ing the DIY route, and for many reasons.

The pop­u­lar image of the self-published author is one of an ego­tis­ti­cal brat who can’t really write but can’t take no for an answer. But the fact is that it wasn’t just those who had been rejected by one too many pub­lish­ing houses who were doing it. Edgar Allen Poe, Alexan­dre Dumas, Mark Twain and James Joyce are just a hand­ful of famous names who decided to take mat­ters into their own hands (

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