‘Canceled’ Doesn’t Mean Canceled Anymore, And That’s A Big Problem

Film CameraHappy Endings is hanging by a thread at ABC. Heroes has been canceled since 2010. Pushing Daises has been, well, pushing up daisies since it went kaput almost four years ago. But fans needn’t worry. The word “canceled” simply doesn’t hold that much weight these days. Any defunct show can find new life on another network like Cougar Towndid on TBS when ABC tried to kill it, or change everything about itself to stay afloat like The Killing on AMC, or raise enough money on Kickstarter to make a movie to tie up loose ends like Veronica Mars. In fact, in the wake of Mars’ revival, Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller tossed around the idea of a Kickstarter for his baby and more recently, MSN and XBox are eying ways to bring Heroes back to life.

As it turns out, the afterlife is a fertile place for a fallen TV series. And while fans may be rejoicing, we’re all losing out in the long run.

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