B Is On Kickstarter: A Futuristic Flying Car… Sort Of

We may not have our flying cars just yet, but a man from Southampton in the UK has developed a remote controlled version that looks pretty amazing.

Behold the B, a remote-controlled flying car currently seeking backers on Kickstarter. The patent-pending design places four propellers within four oversized wheels, allowing the mini racer to tear across rough terrain. When the terrain gets too rough, just spin up the propellers and fly over it.

A patent is pending for the design that places the propeller in the wheel itself.

Anyone who has ever spent any time in traffic in Los Angeles loves this idea, and the creator doesn’t shy away from the obvious ramifications. He proposes the following future applications…

  • Exploration Vehicle: the body of B could be covered in solar panels, which enables charging from the sun or the use of freely rotating propellers against the wind to generate extra power when stationary. Even if the charging time would take a few days, B could autonomously conduct exploration missions, land in a safe place, charge and then travel depending on environment either by flying or driving. Providing interesting video footage and still images, B may be able to discover new species which we may not have discovered yet (we have only discovered less than 15% of the world’s species).
  • Full-scale vehicle: a future sport could be born here as B can provide amazing performance in the air as well as on the ground. Sports such as motor-cross, but with more interesting tracks can create a new generation of extreme sporting events which were not possible before.
  • Full-scale rescue vehicle: that could get to the site of an accident before a helicopter or ambulance. Given that B can drive as well as fly, there is no need for extra infrastructure such as a helicopter landing site.

The B also includes an onboard HD video camera and accepts standard SD cards for taking video directly from the device. They start at £320.

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