UPDATED: A Hat In Time Kickstarter Meets All Stretch Goals

UPDATE: The Kickstarter campaign for A Hat In Time has surpassed all 9 of their listed stretch goals after raising over 7 times their original goal. The stretch goals mean that project creator Gears for Breakfast has committed to bringing the following to backers receiving a copy of the game:

  • Developer commentary
  • A co-op game mode
  • A 6th bonus chapter
  • Full voice acting
  • A song by Grant Kirkhope, composer who composed soundtracks for GoldenEye and Banjo Kazooie among others
  • A replay as an alternate character after beating the game
  • A voice mumble option
  • Hat Kid’s Spaceship as the HUB World

Now every additional $15,000 raised nets another Kirkhope song for the game.

Original article follows…

A Hat In Time is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and in just a few days it has absolutely destroyed a $30,000 goal. The people have spoken and they want a return to 64-bit graphics!

Wait, what?

That’s right. A Hat In Time is very much developed in the spirit of early Nintendo 64 games including Super Mario 64Banjo-Kazooie and The Legend of Zelda.

This shouldn’t be surprising in a post-Minecraft world. Gameplay is king in today’s indie-driven gaming industry, and the early Nintendo 64 games arguably have some of the most fun gameplay ever. I can still remember playing those games with my jaw on the floor. Games in more than two dimensions. Who would have thought, right?

Oh, how far we’ve come.

Maybe developer Gears for Breakfast is onto something with the throwback nature of the title, though.

Like many of you, we grew up with those games and became fascinated by their huge magical worlds. We want to re-create that feeling of exploration and excitement. Many modern titles simply don’t have the same magic and wonder as games from the 90’s – we want to change that!

There are lots of stretch goals to keep backers coming as this campaign continues with a couple (co-op play, bonus chapter & developer commentary) already met. A digital copy of the game for PC and Mac will run $15.

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