EU Holds Workshop on Crowdfunding (Storify)

Crowdfunding Untapping its Potential Reducing the RiskThe European Commission held a workshop on Crowdfunding this week.  Below is a storify from the event which included the participation of several different crowdfunding platforms including:

  • Sponsume
  • Sonic Angel
  • Ulule
  • Alternativa
  • Seedrs
  • Babyloan

Keynote speakers included:

  • Michel Barnier – Commissioner for Internal Markets and Services
  • Philippe De Backer – Member of European Parliament
  • Anna-Maria Darmanin – President of Internal Market Observatory, European Economic and Social Committee

The event was opened with a welcome by Jonathan Faull, Director General for Internal Market and Services

David Blass, Chief Counsel, Division of Trading and Markets from the SEC was also scheduled to appear at this event.



Below is the full agenda of the workshop.

[slideshare id=22459525&doc=crowdfundinguntappingitspotentialreducingriskworkshopateuropeancommissionjune32013-130604195427-phpapp02&type=d]

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