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Currensea Returns to Seedrs, Quickly Tops £1 Million

Fintech Currensea has returned to Seedrs and quickly topped its £1 million initial target in under two hours, according to a note from the company. So far Currensea has raised £1.377 million from 376 investors. The company is selling equity at a pre-money valuation of… Read More

Borrow a Boat Closes Crowdfunded Offering at £3 Million

Borrow a Boat, the AirBnB of yachting, has closed its most recent securities offering at £3,017,30 backed by 670 investors. This most recent crowdfunded offering brings the total raised from individual investors to £7.8 million. As was previously reported, Borrow a Boat was raising equity… Read More

Plant Based Meat Brand THIS Easily Tops £4 Million Funding Target on Seedrs

  THIS, a plant-based meat creator, has quickly topped its £4 million funding target on Seedrs. At this moment, THIS has raised over £5.7 million from 2179 investors on Seedrs. The company is raising equity capital at a pre-money valuation of £150 million. The security… Read More

European P2P Lender and Aspiring Neo-Broker TWINO Plans Securities Offering on Seedrs

TWINO, a peer-to-peer lending platform and emerging brokerage, is planning to raise capital on Seedrs, a leading UK/European investment crowdfunding platform. Twino said it will officially make the announcement later this month along with more details on the equity offering. TWINO has bootstrapped its operations… Read More

Republic – Seedrs Ramp Up Cross-Listed Securities Offerings

  Late last year, Republic announced its acquisition of Seedrs – a leading UK-based investment crowdfunding platform. Republic paid $100 million to acquire the firm. Seedrs has long operated in both the UK and the European continent providing access to capital for early-stage and later-stage… Read More

UK Insurtech Wrisk Raises £1,105,199 via Seedrs

Wrisk, which is on a mission to transform the way insurance is sold, “working with leading automotive brands and insurers,” has raised 88% (£1,105,199) of its £1,250,003 target (with 29 days left in the sale) from 275 investors via Seedrs. Located in London, Wrisk operates… Read More

Tech-driven Mortgage Lender Proportunity Readies Securities Offering on Seedrs

  Proportunity, a mortgage enabler for home buyers, is planning to raise growth capital on Seedrs. Proportunity is an interesting financing platform as it provides part of the capital needed to purchase a home. As prices rise along with inflation, Proportunity can provide an alternative… Read More

Zibble, a Property Rental Marketplace for Renters, Acquires £80,950 via Seedrs

Zibble, a long term property rental marketplace for renters, landlords and property contractors, has raised 101% (£80,950) of its £80,000 target from 154 investors through its crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Seedrs (with 2 days left in the sale). Located in the United Kingdom, Zibble… Read More

Pennyworth, an AI enhanced Private Bank for the Affluent, Secures £611,649 via Seedrs

Pennyworth, an AI-powered private bank for the “aspiring” affluent, has secured 103% (£619,023) of its £600,000 target from 241 investors (with 15 days left in the firm’s crowdfunding campaign) via Seedrs. Located in the United Kingdom, Pennyworth operates in the Finance & Payments sectors (Digital B2C)…. Read More

Borrow a Boat Aims to Raise £750K on Seedrs, Quickly Nears Initial Goal

Borrow a Boat, a marketplace for boat charters, is raising capital on Seedrs and the securities offering has almost hit its initial goal of £750,000. Borrow a Boat is pitching equity at a pre-money valuation of £25 million representing 2.91% ownership stake. The securities will… Read More

FanHub, a Play-to-Earn Game, Acquires £215,845 via Seedrs

FanHub, a play-2-earn game bringing an “extremely engaged” community to Web3, has secured 86% (£215,845) of its £250,008 target from 140 investors (at the time of writing) via Seedrs with 24 days left in the firm’s crowdfunding campaign. Located in London, FanHub operates in the… Read More

Wealth Analytics Firm Strabo Acquires £193,573 via Seedrs

Strabo, which aims to offer wealth analytics “at your fingertips,” has acquired 110% (£193,573) of its £175,003 target (at the time of writing) from 163 investors through its crowdfunding campaign via Seedrs (with 17 days left in the campaign). Located in London, Strabo operates in… Read More

Hallo Nederland – Seedrs Launches Dutch Site as it Targets More European Securities Offerings

Seedrs, one of the largest securities crowdfunding platforms in the world, has launched a Dutch facing section of its website as it positions itself to benefit from pan-European investment crowdfunding rules. New rules were issued by the European Union in November of 2021. Currently, many… Read More

Why Do Investors Choose to Sell Crowdfunded Securities in Secondary Markets? Seedrs Explains

Seedrs, a top European securities crowdfunding platform that operates an emerging secondary trading platform for securities issued on the platform, has posted an interesting write-up as to why investors trade on its secondary marketplace (and others). Recently, CI hosted a webinar on secondary transactions in… Read More

UK Insurtech Cuvva to Acquire Capital via Crowdfunding Campaign to Accelerate Growth of Car Sharing

Millions of Brits hold a driving license but don’t have “access to a car,” according to an update shared with CI. The “rigid” nature and upfront cost of annual car insurance combined with continuously rising costs of running a car “prompted” car insurance provider, Cuvva… Read More

London’s Residently, a Company Focused on Home Rental Market, Acquires £2,015,460 via Seedrs

Residently, which is focused on “building the brand” for the world’s $2 trillion long term home rental market, has acquired 161% (£2,015,460) of its £1,250,000 target from 481 investors through its crowdfunding campaign carried out via Seedrs (at the time of writing). Located in London,… Read More

EstateGuru Returns to Crowdfunding, Quickly Tops Funding Target on Seedrs

EstateGuru, a European investment platform providing access to short-term property-backed loans, has returned to Seedrs once again to raise additional growth capital. According to the offering page, EstateGuru has cruised past its €500,000 initial target, having raised almost €1.2 million as of this writing. EstateGuru… Read More

StonePay, a Fintech App for Building Your B2B Business Reputations, Acquires £321,998 via Seedrs

StonePay, which is an app for building and sharing your B2B Business Reputation, has acquired 107% (£321,998) of its £300,000 target from 127 investors (at the time of writing) via Seedrs with 1 day left in the company’s crowdfunding campaign. Here are the key business… Read More

Robinhood to Acquire UK e-Money Firm Ziglu

Robinhood (NASDAQ:HOOD) has agreed to acquire UK Fintech Ziglu. In a blog post today, Robinhood said the acquisition is part of its goal to expand internationally in the UK as well as continental Europe. Ziglu is a regulated e-Money institution that operates as a neobank… Read More

SpaceBands, which Creates Wearable Tech to Make Workplaces Safer, Secures £153,078 via Seedrs

SpaceBands, which creates software and wearable technology that aims “to make workplaces safer,” has acquired 61% (£153,078) of its £250,000 target from 58 investors (at the time of writing) with 26 days left in the firm’s crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Seedrs. Here are the business… Read More

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