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Overfunding: Digital Only Bank Startup Fiinu Secures £500,000 Funding Target on Seedrs

App-only banking start-up Fiinu, has successfully secured its initial £500,000 funding target through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The initiative was launched last month and sought the funds for a 6.67% equity stake at a pre-money valuation of £7 million. As previously reported, the aspiring digital… Read More

Seedrs Forms New Partnership with Commercial Finance Broker Finpoint

UK based Investment crowdfunding platform Seedrs has announced a new partnership with Finpoint, a commercial finance broker that provides financing solutions to SME’s. Seedrs says the partnership will support businesses scaling and boost investment into UK businesses. According to the agreement, Seedrs will gain access… Read More

Higher Education Comparison Service University Compare Now Seeks £250,000 on Seedrs

University Compare, a cross-platform higher education comparison service that helps universities and students connect, is now seeking £250,000 through equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs. Founded in 2012, University Compare displays university statistics, student reviews, and personalized choices to help students decide which course to choose when… Read More

European Crowdfunding Network Voices Support for European Wide Regulatory Framework for Crowdfunding

The European Commission recently revealed its plan to support Fintech Innovation across Europe – a vital aspect of the EU economy. Included within the plan, was a statement and outline of improving the environment for pan-European crowdfunding. In many ways, investment crowdfunding is core to the… Read More

Overfunding: Hydrogen-Electric Car Brand Riversimple Quickly Secures £1 Million Funding Target on Seedrs

Less than two weeks after launching its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, Wales-based hydrogen-electric car company, Riversimple, has successfully secured its initial £1 million from more than 400 investors. As previously reported, Riversimple designed a new car, the Rasa, which the company states, emits nothing but a tiny… Read More

Point of Note: Average £1M+ Funding Round on Seedrs is £2.2 Million

In the early days of investment crowdfunding, many individuals assumed that most capital raised would go mainly to seed funding rounds. Startups that have a choice to bootstrap or raise equity capital from angel investors or risk taking VCs. But today, this is not the… Read More

Airsorted Hosting Management Service Raises £5 Million from VCs, Offers £1 Million to Investors via Seedrs

Airsorted, a hosting management platform with hosts using the service across accommodation like Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia and HomeAway, has raised £5 million in Series A funding backe by VCs Pi Labs and Atami Capital. The company previously raised £1.5 million in seed funding, bringing Airsorted’s total funding… Read More

Overfunding: Estonian P2P lender Investly Secures £500,000 Through Seedrs Campaign

Estonian peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform Investly has successfully secured its initial £500,000 funding target through Seedrs. The equity crowdfunding round has so far attracted more than 375 investors.  As previously reported, Investly reportedly provides an invoice finance platform that allows users to upload invoices and get them paid with… Read More

Overfunding: Buy-to-Let Broker Property Master Surpasses £250,000 Funding Target on Seedrs

Property Master, a UK-based digital buy-to-let broker, has successfully secured its initial £250,000 funding target through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The initiative has attracted nearly 150 investors since its launch in January. As previously reported, Property Master was founded in 2016 and states that its… Read More

Hydrogen-Electric Car Company Riversimple Launches Seedrs Round; Quickly Nears 1 Million Funding Target

Riversimple, a Wales-based hydrogen-electric car company, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, seeking £1 million in funding. The new funding round comes less than a year after the company utilized the ShareIn service to launch its self-running crowdfunding campaign, which raised £1.14 million. Founded… Read More

Update: Home Security Solution Angee Technologies Secures £1.1 Million Funding Goal Through Seedrs Round

Angee Technologies, a company that combines smart hardware and cloud intelligence to deliver a home security solution, has successfully secured its £1.1 million funding target through its equity crowdfunding round on Seedrs. The company has attracted more than 200 investors to the campaign.  As previously reported, the California-based… Read More

Overfunding: Online Rental Marketplace No Agent Surpasses £400,000 Funding Target on Seedrs

No Agent, a UK based online rental marketplace, has successfully secured its initial £400,000 equity crowdfunding target on Seedrs thanks to more than 225 investors. The company launched the funding round last month, seeking the funds to continue the expansion of its platform. As previously reported, No Agent… Read More

Overfunding: British Distillery Anno Distillers Quickly Surpasses £450,000 on Seedrs

Anno Distillers, a British distillery, has successfully secured its initial £450,000 funding target on equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs. Founded in 2011, the company states it creates high-quality spirits using innovative and natural ingredients. Its founders, Dr. Andy Reason and Dr. Norman Lewis, both Ph.D. Research and Development… Read More

Public & Private Markets Meet on Seedrs as Investors Gain Access to Augmentum Fintech LSE IPO

Online capital formation and more traditional funding methods continue to converge as Seedrs, a leading UK investment crowdfunding platform, has provided access to the Augmentum Fintech initial public offering (IPO) on the London Stock Exchange. The £100 million IPO saw more than £500,000 of investment… Read More

Sweden Startup Cubimo Now Seeking €350,000 on Seedrs For Entrepreneur Platform

Cubimo, a Sweden-based startup that helps people become entrepreneurs, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs to raise €350,000. Founded in 2015, Cubimo describes itself as an online platform that aims to help anyone our an idea into a business, regardless of previous experience…. Read More

Tandem Set to Return to Seedrs For Additional £4 Million

Digital challenger bank Tandem founder Ricky Knox announced last week the bank will be returning to Seedrs, seeking to raise £4 million. This news comes one month after the company completed its acquisition of Harrod’s Bank. As previously reported,  Tandem was granted authorization to be regulated back in… Read More

Seedrs Secondary Market Grows as More Investors Trade Crowdfunded Securities

Equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs is reporting a record level of trading in their Secondary Market for crowdfunded securities. Launched in June 2017, Seedrs may claim to have developed the most effective secondary market for intrinsically illiquid private securities. While still relatively small, Seedrs said the… Read More

Fiinu, Digital Only Bank Startup, Seeks £500,000 Crowdfunding on Seedrs

App-only banking start-up Fiinu, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The offer seeks £500,000 for a 6.67% equity stake at a pre-money valuation of £7 million. The aspiring digital challenger bank wants to throw its hat into the ring of Fintech firms competing… Read More

Online Rental Marketplace No Agent Now Seeking £400,000 on Seedrs

No Agent, a UK based online rental marketplace, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The platform is currently £400,000 in funding through the initiative. Founded in 2016, No Agent states it is on a mission to clean up the rental sector by delivering great… Read More

Seedrs Secondary Market is Now Open to All Investors

On Monday, equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs announced its secondary market, which was launched into beta this past summer to shareholders, is now available to all investors who wish to purchase shares in Seedrs Alumni businesses. According to the funding portal, more than 850 share lots… Read More