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INTELLITHING, which Develops Customized Apps of Generative AI with No Code, Raises £265K+ via Seedrs

INTELLITHING, which aims to develop customized applications of Generative AI With no code, has raised 132% (£265,325) of its £200,000 target from 116 investors (at the time of writing) via its crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Seedrs with 12 days left in the offering. Located… Read More

UK Payments Fintech PonchoPay Secures £393K+ in Funding via Seedrs

PonchoPay says it is on a mission to streamline payments in the childcare ecosystem. PonchoPay has raised 98% (£393,383) of its £400,012 target from 86 investors with 26 days left in the firm’s crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Seedrs. Based in London, United Kingdom, Ponchopay… Read More

Credit Card Company Elfin Card Aims to Lower Costs for Consumers, Raises Money on Seedrs

Credit cards are a convenient type of lending provided by banks. Users have access to credit on demand – but there is a cost. Typically, rates are very high; some cards come with annual fees and other charges. Elfin Card is a UK-based company that… Read More

Seedrs Shares Insight into Decision to Base EU Operations in Ireland, Discusses Focus on Nordic Region

Recently, Seedrs announced that as it expands services further into Europe, it has established a European HQ in Dublin, Ireland. Seedrs, when combined with parent company Republic, is the largest investment crowdfunding marketplace in the world. Seedrs states on its website that it has enabled… Read More

Good Exit. Seedrs Report a 60X Return for Early Investors in Crowdfunded Firm

Seedrs, part of Republic, has distributed an update that shares information on the recently announced exit opportunity for a company that raised money on the investment crowdfunding platform. Over time, Seedrs will be judged not just on its ability to enable online capital formation for… Read More

London’s Spendology, a Fintech Licensing a Digital-First SaaS-based Travel Money Platform, Raises £351,210 via Seedrs

Spendology,  a Fintech licensing a digital-first SaaS-based travel money platform to retailers worldwide, has raised 117% (£351,210) of its £300,000 target (at the time of writing) through its crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Seedrs, with contributions from 199 investors. Located in London, Spendology operates in the… Read More

Seedrs Gains ECSPR Approval, Authorized in Ireland to Provide Investment Crowdfunding Across the EU

It was more a question of when. Today, Seedrs has issued a statement today that it has been approved under ECSPR – European Crowdfunding Services Provider regulation – to facilitate online capital formation across the EU. Owned by US-based Fintech Republic, Seedrs is already one… Read More

Future Fund: UK Firms that Married Crowdfunding with Government Funds Have Performed Better – Report

The UK government launched various programs to support businesses during the difficult days of the COVID crisis. While there is plenty of rear-view commentary today, at that time, things looked pretty dire for the UK economy, and supporting businesses that were hammered during the lockdowns… Read More

Oru Space, a Firm Focused on Supporting Coworking and Wellbeing, Secures £454K+ via Seedrs

Oru Space, a firm which focuses on supporting coworking, wellbeing, food and events, while nurturing an ecosystem of inclusive, vibrant community, across multi-faceted, accessible and dynamic spaces, has raised £454,849 of its £450,000 target from 161 investors (at the time of writing) through its crowdfunding… Read More

Seedrs Offers Investors Access to Green Fund by G Force

Seedrs, part of Republic, is offering investors access to a fund managed by G-Force. The green fund aims to provide investors the opportunity to support firms that are seeking to address the climate. G-Force is managed by partners Marian Gazdik, the former MD of Europe,… Read More

Edinburgh’s SquareBook, the Auction Tech Platform for Equity Capital Raises, Acquires £507K+ via Seedrs

SquareBook, the auction technology platform for equity capital raises, has acquired 101% (£507,320) of its £500,000 target from 153 investors (at the time of writing) via Seedrs with 2 days left in the firm’s crowdfunding campaign. Located in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, SquareBook operates in the… Read More

HouseStars, the UK’s AI-powered App Connecting Tradespeople to Property Owners, Secures £121,369 via Seedrs

HouseStars, the UK’s AI-powered, all-inclusive app, connecting tradespeople to property owners, has secured 97% (£121,369) of its £125,001 target from 67 investors with 26 days left in the firm’s crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Seedrs. Located in the United Kingdom, the firm operates in the… Read More

Fagura, a Fintech that Has Raised Money on Seedrs, Approved to Offer Crowdfunding

Fagura (Honeycomb in Romanian), a digital banking and alternative investment platform, has been approved to offer investment crowdfunding in the EU. Fagura is an Estonian Fintech that is said to be building a digital bank. The company has raised growth capital twice on Seedrs, totaling… Read More

Institutional Trading Platform DMALINK Tops £425,000 Funding Goal on Seedrs

Institutional trading platform DMALINK has surpassed its funding target of £425,000 on Seedrs. UK-based DMALINK aims to service institutions trading in FX and crypto globally. According to the offering page, DMALINK is raising equity capital at a pre-money valuation of £17.3 million. The investment is… Read More

Seedrs Says Europeans Just as Interested in Backing Businesses They Believe In as Generating Big Returns

One of the largest securities crowdfunding operators in the world, Seedrs, says investors today are just as interested in backing firms that align with their beliefs as seeking big returns. Seedrs is based in London but operates across Europe. It is a subsidiary of US-based… Read More

Republic Touts Securities Offerings Listed in the US and UK on Seedrs

UK-based securities crowdfunding platform Seedrs was acquired by Republic in late 2021, with the deal officially closing in late 2022. While the two platforms have cross-listed securities offerings, the combined firm has been slow to promote the ability to tap into both the European and… Read More

Zinia AI, which Empowers Firms to Optimize Business Decisions with Generative Artificial Intelligence, Acquires Funding via Seedrs

Zinia AI, which says that it empowers organizations to optimize their business decisions with Generative AI platform, has secured 131% (£263,927) of its £200,004 target from 217 investors at the time of writing, through Seedrs, with just 5 days left in the initiative’s ongoing crowdfunding campaign…. Read More

Nova Money Predicts the Future for Personal Funds, Plans Funding Round on Seedrs

Nova Money is another artificial intelligence (AI) firm that has entered the financial services sector. The company is offering a service that leverages AI to forecast an individual’s future financial situation to help people make better decisions. The company also plans to raise capital online… Read More

“Your Insurance Wallet” Rnwl Closes Funding Round with Almost 2X Goal

Rnwl, an Insurtech that claims to be building the insurance platform of the future, has closed its most recent funding round on Seedrs. Initially targeting a raise of £150,000, Rnwl closed at almost double that amount raising £295,754 from 394 individual investors. Rnwl raised equity… Read More

Seedrs Releases New Mobile App that Facilitates Investing

Seedrs, part of the largest securities crowdfunding group globally, has announced a new mobile App that facilitates online investing. According to an email, the new App is available on both the Apple App Store as well as Google Play. The Seedrs Mobile Apple leverages either… Read More

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