Homeless Man Who Returned $40,000 Cash, Receives $150,000 in Crowdfunded Reward

Glen JamesAs we reported back in September, Glen James came across a backpack full of cash and checks in the amount of $40,000.  Mr. James, who happens to be homeless, did the right thing and turned over the large some of money to the authorities.  This was a pretty astonishing act of honesty – especially considering the down on his luck existence of Mr. James.  The story got even better though, when one act of goodness was followed by another act of kindness.  A man from Virginia, who had never set eyes on Mr. James, started a crowdfunding campaign for his benefit.  Today that crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe, created by Ethan Whittington, stands at an amazing $152,320.00.

This past Friday, Mr. Whittington met with Mr. James to share with him his newfound good fortune.

Whittington has been in contact with James’ family.  He wants to be certain everything is managed in a fair and reasonable manner pertaining to such a large some of money:

Just wanted to bring everyone up to speed. Over the weekend, Glen put me in touch with family in the area. I am speaking with both Glen and family to take proper steps for secure money exchange, as well as legal, social, and medical help. Obviously, there are a lot of moving parts when exchanging this amount of money. We want to make sure it is done right and in a way it positively influences Glen. Please understand, for Glen’s protection we cannot disclose every detail.

We are speaking with a Christian outreach program who will be willing to help Glen get off his feet; see a doctor (qualify for disability/ improve quality of life, etc) help find a place to stay (get set up with subsidized housing), provide support and guidance at anytime, help Glen get the things he needs, etc.

Ethan WhittingtonA few days ago Whittington announced he was heading to Boston.

As reported in USAToday “Whittington said when he met James in Boston Thursday, he shook his hand and gave him a hug.”

“He kept saying, ‘Thank you,’ ” Whittington said. “You’ve got to continue to remind him that he is one who should be thanked, and he is the one who inspired people around the world because of his good deed.”

Whittington wants to make certain the money is managed effectively.  There are talks of job training and an apartment which he certainly can now afford. Apparently James lost his job as a file clerk in a Boston Courthouse years ago.  Since then he has struggled to hold a job which has been exacerbated by an inner ear issue which causes vertigo.

Certainly things are looking up for James.  It is always rewarding to all of us when an act pure honesty which expects no recognition is shared for all. Thank you James and thank you Ethan Whittington.

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