LIX Launches Kickstarter Campaign For The World’s Smallest 3D Pen

LIX 3D pen example

Creating a new tool for artists, LIX launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its 3D printing pen. The Lix 3D pen enables an artist to doodle in the air. The professional tool offers the artist the comfort and pushes their creativity to a whole new level.LIX

Bringing a few dreams to reality, LIX 3D pen helps an artist to create anything, from small to  big, from details to prototypes. It is the perfect tool for writing and making  items including: accessories, decoration pieces, art, crafts for kids, artistic jewelry, prototypes and any different forms of drawings.

LIX 3D printing pens have a similar function as a 3D printers. It melts and cools colored plastic, which lets the artist create rigid and freestanding structures. It has a hot-end nozzle that its power is supplied from USB 3.0 port. The plastic filament ABS/PLA is introduced in the upper LIX 3D Pen cupsextremity and it goes through a patented mechanism while moving through he pen to finally reach the hot-end nozzle that then melts and cools it down. One interesting fact about this light-weight, engineered pen is these structures can be formed in any imaginable shape.

One major feature that has got artists talking is the LIX 3D pen is smaller in size compared to any other brand pens. The company enjoys this competitive edge in the 3D printing marketing because the pen’s smaller size has made it an ideal 3D printing pen for all those who want to give their creative skills a try. This is one of the reasons why LIX has claimed to provide the extra functionality to its customers compared to its competitors.

While discussing recent use of the 3D pen, co-founder Delphine Eloise Wood stated, “One lawyer stated she needed the pen for ‘possible use during trials of Med-Mal cases to provide 3D images of various body part(s) lost due to negligence. You do not need any sheets of paper or  pencil trying to make your sketch more expressive and understandable, or giving your drawing more realistic and detail fill.”LIX Pen

Also identifying USBs as a common power source, the LIX team noted that they will make the pen “more portable and universal in use to everyone.” They revealed in the Kickstarter statement, “The most difficult problem for us was to reduce the size of the mechanical parts, reposition them and let them work together. We are using a micro planetary gear motor, special innovative material with a very low thermal conductivity and many other things such as another gear box for the filament supply system. When the patented mechanism was created and perfectly adapted into a 12-millimeter diameter tube, our second task was to create a slick design based on user experience and visual side.”

LIX 3D Pen FoundersLIX was co-founded by Ismail Baran, Anton Suvorov and Delphine Eloise Wood.  Ismail and Anton are both founders of AKKRO Media a design studio based in Gosselies, Belgium.

LIX kicked off the campaign looking for a raise of £30,000. That amount was crushed and stands at over £490,000 as more than 5,400 backers have signed up to support the project. Shipping dates are scheduled for later in 2014.


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