Facts About Peer-to-Peer Lending (Infographic)

LendingRobot LogoThe team at LendingRobot have sent over a cool infographic about Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending.  LendingRobot is a cloud-based financial service and registered investment advisor providing tools for individual investors to automate peer investing on Lending Club and Prosper.

As we all know by now P2P crowdfunding has created a more efficient market by leveraging technology to match borrowers with investors (lenders).  Both sides benefit: the borrower gets the money faster at a lower rate and the lender benefits from a higher, risk adjusted return.  P2P is a relatively recent phenomena but it is growing like wildfire since there is a huge market opportunity.  The infographic below highlights “7 Surprising P2PFacts about Peer to Peer Lending, including:

  • Not just a novelty anymore since P2P represents about $500 million in loans per month
  • Borrowing from P2P loans is way cheaper than Credit Cards (this should come as no surprise)
  • Investing in P2P is less Risky than the stock market
  • Popular loans are funded in 30 seconds.  Yes they say seconds, so don’t blink.

And more..

Facts About Peer to Peer Lending 1 by LendingRobot

Facts About Peer to Peer Lending 2 by LendingRobot.jpg

Facts About Peer to Peer Lending 3 by LendingRobot


Facts About Peer to Peer Lending by LendingRobot

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