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NSR Invest Acquires LendingRobot, Combined Entity Poised to Dominate RIA Alternative Lending Investing

NSR Invest and LendingRobot, the most prominent platforms providing Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) services in the alternative lending space, have joined forces to create the leading platform in this sector. Lend Core LLC, the parent company of NSR Invest, has acquired Algorithmic, Inc. and all its… Read More

LendingRobot Gives Investors a “One Stop Solution” for Alternative Lending Investing

LendingRobot Says Strong Demand Takes Robo-fund Beyond Individual Investors LendingRobot and its relatively new offering “LendingRobot Series“, has announced a product specifically for institutional investors labeled, “LendingRobot Professional”. The new Robo-fund for alternative lending was created “based on significant interest” from wealth managers and family… Read More

LendingRobot Launches Robo Hedge Fund for Online Lending: We Have Wanted to do this for a Very Long Time

LendingRobot has officially launched their next big vertical: a Robo-Hedge Fund for alternative lending. Crowdfund Insider initially wrote about the forthcoming Robo-fund when we uncovered an SEC filing for a pooled investment vehicle last November. While the filing became public at that moment, the “LendingRobot… Read More

LendingRobot Files to Form Pooled Investment Fund

LendingRobot, the robo-advisor geared towards marketplace lending assets, has filed a Form D 506c with the SEC indicating its intent to create a pooled investment fund. According to the filing, the minimum investment accepted will be $100,000.00 with no targeted max size of the fund…. Read More

LendingRobot for Advisors Launches Connecting to Lending Club Platform

LendingRobot, the robo-advisor that connects retail investors to P2P loans, has launched a new product: LendingRobot for Advisors. This new service will help connect registered investment advisors to invest in Lending Club loans. The new application is in partnership with Millenium Trust the firm that… Read More

LendingRobot Launches First “Pro” Feature for Robo-Advisor for Lending Club Loans

LendingRobot is “doubling down” on Lending Club. As the largest marketplace lending platform in the US fights back to regain its sea-legs, Lending Robot, a provider of analytical tools for retail investors in marketplace lending assets is launching a new feature to improve investor returns. Despite… Read More

LendingRobot CEO Emmanuel Marot Shares Views on P2P/Marketplace Lending Industry

  Co-founded by CEO Emmanuel Marot, LendingRobot is a Fintech company that provides powerful tools for the smaller investor interested in investing in Lending Club, Prosper and Funding Circle loans. Peer to peer lending has morphed into marketplace lending as institutional money poured in. Meanwhile LendingRobot… Read More

LendingRobot Adds Funding Circle to Automated Investment Platform

LendingRobot announced a new partnership this past week. Funding Circle, an SME marketplace lending platform, is now available to investors using LendingRobot’s auto investment service which previously listed Lending Club and Prosper loans. LendingRobot CEO Emmanuel Marot stated the addition demonstrated their platform was “extensible… Read More

LendingRobot Partners with Lending Club to Automate Investing in Marketplace Loans

LendingRobot is a “robo-advisor” for the marketplace lending sector allowing individuals to automate the process of investing in loans.  The core premise of the service is that individuals may generate high rates of return (today around 7 to 10%) but require sufficient diversification across a… Read More

LendingRobot Launches Secondary Trading of Lending Club Loans

LendingRobot, an automated investment platform for peer to peer / marketplace lending investors, has launched secondary trading for Lending Club loans. The Seattle, Washington, based company raised $3 million in a Series A funding round earlier this year to help finance the new service. LendingRobot allows… Read More

Facts About Peer-to-Peer Lending (Infographic)

The team at LendingRobot have sent over a cool infographic about Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending.  LendingRobot is a cloud-based financial service and registered investment advisor providing tools for individual investors to automate peer investing on Lending Club and Prosper. As we all know by now P2P… Read More

Lending Robot Launches To Help Find & Fund Best Lending Club Deals

The demand for investment opportunities on Lending Club may be outpacing the supply. Consider that some of the best loans on Lending Club are funded within 30 seconds of hitting the platform. It takes an extremely active lender to find and fund the best deals. However,… Read More

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