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Flour Mill Cairnspring Mills Tops $1 Million in Just One Hour on Steward

Cairnspring Mills has raised over $1 million on Steward in just one hour, receiving the backing of 196 investors, according to a note from the platform. Cairnspring Mills went on to raise $2.8 million. Cairnspring Mills is a “craft flour mill” located in Washington’s Skagit… Read More

P2P Lender Rebuildingsociety Denied Approval for Crypto Promotion Service, Imperils Partnership with Binance

Posted on the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registry today, peer-to-peer lender Rebuildingsociety was denied the ability to approve any financial promotion for a “Qualifying Cryptoasset for communication by an unauthorized person” and must withdraw any current promotion by tomorrow. After Rebuildingsociety has withdrawn all… Read More

Fagura, a Fintech that Has Raised Money on Seedrs, Approved to Offer Crowdfunding

Fagura (Honeycomb in Romanian), a digital banking and alternative investment platform, has been approved to offer investment crowdfunding in the EU. Fagura is an Estonian Fintech that is said to be building a digital bank. The company has raised growth capital twice on Seedrs, totaling… Read More

P2P Investing Report: Funds Invested via European Peer to Peer Platforms Increased by 48% YoY, Reaching €300M Per Month in May 2023

Over the summer, the number of monthly visits to the most popular European continental P2P platforms grew by 22.5%, according to an update shared by UnaFinancial (formerly doing business as Robo.cash). The analysis of monthly traffic by UnaFinancial of the websites of leading European P2P… Read More

DLT Adoption: P2P Layer of Internet Computer Introduces QUIC for State Sync

Until now, state sync on the Internet Computer used the legacy P2P layer, which works over TCP. The new P2P layer is tailored for state sync and “uses the QUIC transport protocol, making it simpler, more performant, secure and ready for future evolution.” The Internet… Read More

Investment Platform Robocash Reports Solid Results, Key Changes in August 2023

Robocash notes that the month of July turned out to be “active,” which is reflected in the key monthly figures. For now, Robo.cash says they are still “keeping a low-key offer and waiting for updates from the business.” As covered, Robo.cash has announced upcoming changes… Read More

P2P Investment Platforms Are Now Satisfying Key Requirements, Metrics Significantly Faster, Analysis Reveals

P2P platforms used to take about 5 years to reach key metrics, whereas in current conditions, new companies need just 3 years to do so, according to a recent update shared by Robo.cash. Robocash platform analysts have reportedly looked into three parameters “as the main… Read More

Binance Halts Peer to Peer Crypto Transactions in Russia After Potentially Failing to Adhere to Sanctions Enforcement Requirements

P2P digital currency exchanges have reportedly assisted crypto traders with circumventing globally-enforced sanctions against Russia’s banking institutions. Crypto exchange Binance‘s recent activities might worsen its regulatory challenges in the US. The recent crackdown attempts to place a ban on transactions completed with payment cards that… Read More

Berlin’s Open-Source Web Builder Anytype Announces $13.4M Round Following Launch of Open Beta

Anytype – the peer-to-peer web builder designed to “restore our digital freedoms and put the power of our digital lives back in our hands” – is announcing it has raised a $13.4 million round led by Balderton Capital. Inflection and Square One also “participated, as… Read More

P2P Lending, Risky Assets May Become Effective Strategy for Diversifying Investment Portfolios, Report Claims

P2P lending together with “risky assets” has all the potential to become an effective strategy for diversifying investment portfolios in terms of risk and return, according to an update from Robo.cash. Analysts of the Robo.cash platform have reportedly “studied multiple portfolio combinations using the Sharpe… Read More

Online Lending Platform for Farms: Co-Founder Dan Miller Shares Update on Steward

A couple of years ago, a new online lending platform – Steward, was launched as the “world’s first CrowdFarming platform.” Steward was founded by Dan Miller, the co-founder of Fundrise, a prominent real estate investment platform. Miller had exited his leadership role at Fundrise and… Read More

UK’s P2P Lending Platform FOLK2FOLK Reports that Investors Earned £14M in Interest

FOLK2FOLK, which claims to be the UK’s leading peer-to-peer lending platform connecting Investors with regional and rural businesses, is pleased to announce that its dedicated community of Investors “earned £14.2 million in interest during the last tax year (2022/2023).” According to the firm, this achievement… Read More

Investment Platforms: Average Rate of Return via European P2P Market Continues to Increase, Report Claims

According to the results of June, the average rate of return on the European P2P market “was 10.4%, up 0.2% compared to May,” the team at Robocash noted in a blog post. The bond market also “showed positive shifts.” the Robo.cash team revealed in their… Read More

Digital Assets: Bybit P2P Crypto Trading Provides Instant On-Chain Deposits to Clients’ Web3 Wallets

Bybit, which claims to be one of Coingecko’s top-five cryptocurrency exchanges, is pleased to announce that users can now “buy crypto on-chain using Bybit’s peer-to-peer (P2P) trading service.” The P2P enhancement currently “allows for the purchase of USDT using more than 62 fiat currencies, with… Read More

EstateGuru Provides Half Year Update

EstateGuru, a platform that matches borrowers with investors, has provided a half year update on its activities. The company reported that during the first 6 months of the year, EstateGuru has financed 269 separate real estate projects raising €44 million. During the same period, investors… Read More

European P2P Market Is Expected to Grow Steadily, According to Robocash Analysts

Over the past year, the European P2P market has strengthened and exhibited a trend towards moderate growth, according to an update shared by Robocash. As noted in a blog post by Robo.cash, a survey conducted in 2022 revealed that 43% of platform users indicated “that… Read More

European P2P Market Continues to Expand, with Declining Interest Rates: Robo.cash Report

As the European P2P market continues to expand, interest rates tend to go down, according to an update from Robo.cash. The analysts at Robo.cash platform consider this as certain patterns “that may continue in the long term.” The European P2P lending market is “growing at… Read More

Ireland: Linked Finance Tops €250 Million in Lending

SME peer-to-peer lender Linked Finance has topped €250 Million in Lending to Irish firms. According to a note from the company, during the first 6 months of 2023, Linked Finance issued €31.7 million in loans representing a 90% increase in comparison to the first 6… Read More

Bitfinex to Provide Peer to Peer Services in Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela

Bitfinex has launched peer-to-peer (P2P) services in Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela. The service will allow customers to buy and sell crypto directly to individuals while completing the payment process outside the platform. Bitfinex P2P will offer services for Bitcoin, Tether – USDt and EURt, Tether… Read More

P2P Lender Folk2Folk Reports Four Years of Profitability

Peer-to-peer lender Folk2Folk is reporting its fourth year of profitability. According to the UK-based secured lender, pre-tax profit came in at £1.373 million for its 2022 financial year, marking four consecutive years of profitability. In addition, the company is issuing dividend payments to shareholders for… Read More

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