SKULLY AR-1 Motorcycle Helmets Hits $764,000 Within 24 Hours on Indiegogo


SKULLY AR-1, dubbed the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet, has been making headlines since its crowdfunding campaign launched on Indiegogo Sunday (August 10th). Within the course of one day, the project reached well over its $250,000 initial goal and jumped over $765,000 with more than 539 backers.

SKULLY AR-1 4The SKULLY AR-1 is made of lightweight, aerodynamic polycarbonate and is considered highly weather resistant. Along with anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-glare E-Tint visor, the helmet has the following features:

  • Heads Up Display: Shows critical information in the user’s line of sight, which allows them to keep their eyes on the road ahead.
  • Rearview Camera: Gain full situational awareness with its wide-angle rearview camera.
  • GPS Navigation: Never miss another turn with an integrated navigation system that gives the user timely information even in low-reception areas.

According to Yahoo!, the AR-1 also includes Bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone companion app, for Android and iOS, which lets you sync the helmet with your phone so you can make and receive calls along with play music from services like Pandora. All of the features included are through via Skully’s built-in voice recognition software.

Although each motorcycle and rider are different, the SKULLY companion app lets the user calibrate their helmet before they even put it on. Doing so will allow the app to automatically determine the optimal position for each helmet’s rearview camera to provide the best view for each rider, no matter height or size.

SKULLY AR-1 5Noting the size of the helmets, the helmet’s team stated, “The SKULLY AR-1 is an intermediate oval head form and comes in sizes between small and XXL. The fit shape is similar to a Shoei RF-1200. The fit is snug.”

Also explaining how safe these augmented reality helmets are, the team noted, “Research has long since shown that [Head-Up Display] HUD, when properly implemented, can vastly improve the safety and situational awareness of drivers. SKULLY’s patented HUD solution allows you to keep your focus on the road while maximizing 360-degree situational awareness. This means you can see more and react quicker, potentially avoiding danger before an accident occurs.”

Currently, the SKULLY AR-1 costs U.S. Indiegogo users $1,399 and is available in Matte Black and Gloss White. International users will be paying $1,599. All helmet orders are set to be shipped in May 2015.

SKULLY AR-1’s campaign is set to close on September 9th.


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  • Mike

    This thing is retarded… Motorcycling is away to disconnect from the real world and all this technology.. This is going to be a distraction and it’s going to kill people instead of save them…. But that’s OK… It will get rid of the idiot yuppies who shouldn’t be on bikes anyway…

    • mani

      ur right.

      • Jules Lupowitz

        I am Jules Lupowitz, nationally famous for “supposedly” calling 911 a murder call, supposedly) to skip an unethical speed trap. “Stupid” as that may appear in that neighborhood the last murder was in 1971… Cops there have less to do than, say, a big city where real crimes occur daily. So, as With zones like Melbourne, Florida traffic citations became a large percent of “public revenues”. For similar reasons the NMA, National Motorist Associatin fought police radar as a revenue device as opposed to for safety, ie protecting us from danger (ourselves)… There are more reasons why I am innocent but in my mind the most important one is that:
        1- We as drivers / riders should have more logical rights to operate our vehicles within reason,
        2- Driving / Riding should be “OUR RIGHT”, not a just “A PRIVILEGE”…
        3- Citizens including drivers should not fear police; they are supposed to protect us, not hurt us!

    • Jules Lupowitz

      Maybe I shouldn’t be on bikes but I’ve been on them since I was nine years old, I know 54. In the case of straight up or cruiser motorcycles it should be a little less important then with sport bikes to retain as much input as possible of all conditions let alone just the road. In fact we have vehicles today, not just motorcycles, that can travel much faster than the average driver or rider can handle safely. While that may include myself, it’s inevitable that vehicles will become more efficient which includes their speed. That being said it’s inevitable that systems such as HUD will follow. Speed limits must also be raised or some form of reasonability shall be built into laws. Why? Because technology won’t be stopped, this is evolution. And we will go faster simply because we can. Why should safety devices be limited to the vehicle itself like tires, antilock brakes, traction control, etc. Shouldn’t safety start with the rider, driver, pilot or operator? Shouldn’t these operators be able to retain as much information as possible about all conditions, especially ones of danger? Wake up old man! The ability to move faster, enjoy automotive technology, safe as possible; this is progress.