Symbid Corp. Announces Q1 2015 Results: Fintech Platform Reports First Revenues Following Launch of The Funding Network

Korstiaan Zandvliet“We are pleased to report the first revenues following the successful launch of Symbid, The Funding Network™ in March. This represents a major step forward in our commitment to creating long-term value for shareholders through an innovative service offering for start-ups and small businesses. Following several quarters of heavy investment into research and development, we are now in a position to begin reaping the financial benefits of our newly launched advanced investing, monitoring and data tools in the form of monthly recurring revenues,” said Korstiaan Zandvliet, co-founder and CEO of Symbid Corp  (OTCQB: SBID). “A declining exchange rate notwithstanding, revenues from our crowdfunding platform have remained at a similar level to the same period last year due to the major pivot in our business strategy this quarter. The incorporation of Symbid Italia — the first international expansion of the Symbid investment crowdfunding platform — plus a loan crowdfunding product expected in second quarter, means we are confident of increasing our core crowdfunding revenues in the coming months. Add to this the continuing commercialisation of the diversified product portfolio of The Funding Network™, including our monitoring product and upcoming deal-making too, and 2015 is a crucial year in our business development. As we look ahead, these results represent a solid foundation on which we expect to build towards our strategic vision of becoming the leading European online funding platform in 2016.”

Summary of First Quarter 2015 Financial Performance:

  • Symbid logo newTotal revenue decreased by 14% compared to prior year period to $73,866.
  • 74% of revenue attributable to transaction-based model of core investment crowdfunding business, compared to 97% in same period 2014, due to first revenues from The Funding Network.
  • Selling, general and administrative expenses increased by 49% from same period 2014 to $409,353 due to increase in share-based payments made to staff members, accounting for approximately $120,000.
  • Research and development costs decreased by 52% compared to same period 2014 to $22,242 due to fewer external suppliers providing related services and personnel costs for internal developers being listed under selling, general and administrative expenses.
  • Total operating expenses increased by 25% from same period 2014 to $655,203, roughly equal except for share-based payments which have been added as a cost factor.
  • Gambitious Coöperatie shareholding was sold entirely in February 2015.
  • Net losses increased by 37% from same period 2014 to $579,821 in line with the Company’s commitment to the research and development of innovative products creating long-term value for its shareholders.

2015 Commercial Outlook:

  • Symbid the Funding NetworkIn December 2014 the Company signed a strategic alliance agreement with leading financial advisory firm Credion which, following its launch in March, has resulted in a monthly transaction volume of approximately $55m for The Funding Network™. The Company expects this to result in new monthly recurring revenue streams attributable to its cloud-based monitoring product and soon-to-be released loan crowdfunding and deal-making products beginning second quarter 2015.
  • The Company underwent a successful re-launch of its website in March 2015 in line with its repositioning to a more holistic funding platform, known as The Funding Network™, connecting traditional and alternative financing options in one go-to platform.
  • The Company expects to continue its ongoing release of new products and services with the launch of a loan product in the second quarter of 2015, resulting in additional transaction-based crowdfunding revenues.
  • Symbid Funding NetworkThe formal incorporation of Symbid Italia S.p.A. in February 2015 represents the first stage of a European roll-out which the Company expects to continue throughout 2015. The Company intends to commercialize this international expansion in the third quarter of 2015.
  • Management completed a closing of a Private Placement Offering raising $624,116 to support the growth of The Funding Network™.
  • The Company is actively pursuing a capital raise strategy in order to accelerate the horizontal and vertical expansion of its funding network and balance cash flow. First quarter 2015 saw the Company continue its focus on the internal development of technology thereby creating long-term value through successful innovation. The Company intends to bring this financial technology portfolio to market in 2015 following the launch of The Funding Network™ in March.
Three months ended March 31,
2015 2014
Crowdfunding $ 54,394 $ 78,055
Other 19,472 8,050
Total revenues’ 73,866 86,105
Operating expenses
Selling, general and administrative 409,454 274,015
Professional fees 186,670 204,713
Research and development costs 22,242 45,975
Depreciation and amortization 36,938 334
Total operating expenses 665,203 525,037
Operating loss (581,337 ) (438,932 )
Other income (expense)
Fair value adjustment derivative liability – warrants (7,274 ) 15,264
Interest expense (2,714 ) (5,810 )
Government subsidy 8,221
Gain on sale of investment in Gambitious B.V. 11,504
Other income and expense (1,631 )
Total other income (expense) 1,516 16,044
Net loss (579,821 ) (422,888 )
Net loss attributable to non-controlling interests (12,848 ) (11,018 )
Net loss attributable to Symbid Corp. stockholders $ (566,973 ) $ (411,870 )
Basic and diluted net loss per common stock $ (0.02 ) $ (0.02 )
Weighted average number of shares outstanding
Basic and diluted 34,079,498 26,498,864

As of April 2015, The Funding Network™ has a monthly transaction volume of approximately $55 million. With over 50 funding partners already connected — including banks, venture capital, angel investors and 30,000 private (crowdfunding) investors — the total transaction volume of The Funding Network™ in 2015 is estimated at $800 million.

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