Seahawks Fans Gather on GoFundMe to Unrealistically Help the Team Re-Sign Quarterback Russell Wilson

Taking a page or two from New England Patriot fans, Seahawks admirers have gather on crowdfunding platform GoFundMe to raise $5 million dollars for the team. The funds from the campaign will go towards re-signing quarterback Russell Wilson.

Sharing details about the situation, the campaign’s organizer, Tim Pennoyer, stated:

Russell Wilson 2“My oh my, Wilson is the best thing to happen to the city since Ken Griffey Jr! Russell Wilson belongs in Seattle. If you’re like me, you’re sleepless in seattle with no signed contract yet. It’s May already! We can’t lose Russell because of something silly like lack of money. That’s where we come in.


“The premise is simple yet effective. Wilson needs money to stay in Seattle, we have money, therefore we give money to Wilson IF and only IF he signs. Let’s give Wilson the money to ensure that he stays where he is loved. The more salary cap we can free up, the more the Seahawks can go after more talent and we can get back to the Superbowl!”

Also explaining his key plans, Pennoyer noted:

Russell Wilson 1“I have a strategic plan to get money outside of the salary cap and get this money to Russell Wilson. I will be exploring setting up an LLC to effectively “sponsor” Russell Wilson in the same manner that Bose or Gillette do. In doing so the 12’s will free up to $5M for the Sehawks to go out and get more talent.”

In regards to what will happen if Wilson refuses the campaign’s funds, Pennoyer added:

Russell Wilson 5“In the event that the Wilson doesn’t [accept] the paycheck from his beloved 12s, a portion of the money will be donated to one of Russell Wilson’s favorite causes — The Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Additionally, and not limited to, funds may be used to design and execute a token of appreciation to Russell Wilson for his current and/or future patricipation in the Seahawks organization. All donated funds are to be used at the sole discretion of the campaign manger and subject to unforseen limitations.”

Unfortunately for Pennoyer’s big plans, the campaign hasn’t raised much in the past two weeks. Since it’s debut, the project has secured only $1,300 from 48 fans.

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