Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Lists Crowdfunding Legislation as Significant Accomplishment

Doug Ducey Think BigThe Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, has taken an outsized approach to promoting, and improving, the state of Arizona.  He was quoted last month in the Capitol Times as saying;

“What we’re not going to have are overly aggressive regulators who are going beyond the scope of authority to hurt innovative, entrepreneurial, new ideas”

But words are easy for most politicians.  For Ducey though, it is action that counts.

Ducey was sworn in as Governor in January of this year. Previously he was a co-owner and CEO of Cold Stone Creamery, so he probably has some relevant work experience in an executive position.

During his tenure he has not shied away from strong statements, preferring to hug polite rhetoric – the standard fare for the elected class. He has matched philosophy with actual policy, a bit of a unicorn for those making laws today.

Last week Ducey, in an Op-ed piece, checked off a few items of accomplishment.

He fired a state regulator who was allegedly “running sting operations” against bot Uber and Lyft – poster children for the sharing economy.

He also pushed forward with equity crowdfunding legislation that was signed into law in the spring of this year.  He is “forcing Arizona government to enter the 21st century so the 21st century companies can operate here.”  The crowdfunding law allows AZ companies to raise up to $2.5 million with audited financials. No audits needed for under $1 million.

While I am certain there is much left to do, after 5 months, Ducey says he is just getting started. He believes sound policy is complemented by smaller government. His pro-business, no-nonsense approach has caused Standard & Poor’s to recently assign the strongest credit rating the stage has received since 2008.

Ducey posed a sage and pressing statement;

“Our leaders in Washington would do well to look up from their petty fights and instead look west and follow our lead. There is a better way.”

Perhaps a few other states could follow his lead as well.

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