Sleep-Inducing Climate Control For Your Bed: BedJet V2 Now Overfunding On Kickstarter

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Waking up to a screeching alarm clock–on the third try–from a fitful nap disguised as sleep, I’ve questioned the need for schedules. As one of the newest features for a campaign now crowdfunding on KickstarterBedJet v2 offers to make your alarm clock obsolete by working with your biorhythm wake triggers to gently wake you up, refreshed. The campaign is among the first ultra rapid cooling, heating and climate control system made specifically for your bed. According to its Kickstarter page, the machine is incredibly quiet and uses just air.bedjet woman

What’s not to hope for? The device promises that,

BedJet air based cooling is no more stuffy summer nights waking up too hot in bed. The powerful cooling is awesome therapeutic relief for hot sleepers, night sweats and hot flashes. BedJet cooling helps you cuddle longer and never get out of bed to change the house thermostat. BedJet air based warming is not your grandmother’s electric mattress pad – it’s a personal toasty warm sauna right in your own bed, on-demand in just 180 seconds. The instant and powerful warming forever ends cold feet, cold legs and bundling up with layers of pajamas to get into chilly winter beds.

bedjet logoAccording to BedJet’s Kickstarter page, 1,754 backers have pledged $567,067 of the campaign’s $24,000 goal, with 22 days left in the campaign. The six months that have passed since BedJet shipped v1 of the product have been successful ones. The product has become:

  1. The No. 1 customer ranked product of any kind for staying cool in bed on all of Amazon
  2. The No. 1 customer ranked product for powered cooling and heating of a bed
    on all of Amazon
  3. The No. 1 ranked product of any kind in the entire mattress topper category of Amazon!

Here’s how BedJet works:bedjet

Once activated, the patent pending and precisely tuned blower, ducting system and outlet nozzle operate at a very specific air pressure to create a scientifically magical event in your bedding. The BedJet quietly generates a small cushion of turbulent air between the upper and lower bedsheets that lifts the top bedding off the bed by a small amount. This tenting effect on the bedding combined with the turbulent air flow enables the air to permeate throughout the entire sleeping area and provide even heating or cooling.

BedJet v2 will create a custom sleep temperature profile tailored to your sex, age and body type. Throughout the night, it will makes continuous climate control adjustments in your bed, designed to help you get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling more refreshed.

bedjet chartThe company claims the device is the first and only product that can both cool you off within 10 seconds and heat the bedding of a king size bed to feel like the sheets just came out of dryer in only 180 seconds.

According to the timeline, the company will finalize user interface in September 2015, and ship to backers before Dec. 24, 2015. Rewards range from $2 to make the BedJet VIP list, to $699 for an international BedJet dual zone bundle, king size.

Last, not least, the man behind the BedJet is worth noting, too. According to his Kickstarter bio, Mark Aramli’s first engineering role was at United Technologies, maker of the spacesuit for NASA.Mark Aramli

Since then and for the last 15 years, Mark has been bringing bleeding edge environmentally friendly power, energy and thermal technology products to market. This has included collaborating with BMW on their first zero-emissions hydrogen powered 7-series sedan. It also included a Vice President executive role at Capstone Turbine Corporation, helping drive commercialization of their products from hand built engineering beta units to the world leader in advanced technology microturbine power, heating and cooling systems for commercial and industrial buildings.

Mark has worked as a product manager to develop specialty products like remote man-portable solar power systems for the U.S. Army and Marines. He has also played a driving role in bringing to market advanced large format lithium batteries and hybrid drive train technologies for applications like fork lift trucks and low-emission hybrid-electric city buses (think of city bus sized Toyota Prius’s!).


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