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Proptech Emerald Stay, which Acquires and Grows Vacation Rental Operators, Raises €639K via Seedrs

Emerald Stay, a Proptech that acquires and grows vacation rental operators, has acquired  127% (€639,780) of its €500,000 target via Seedrs from 154 investors (at the time of writing) with 18 days left in the company’s crowdfunding campaign. Based in Genève, Switzerland, Emerald Stay operates… Read More

Gazeal, a Firm Transforming How Property Is Bought and Sold, Raises £591K+ from 217 Investors via Seedrs

Gazeal, which aims to transform the way property is bought/sold with “upfront information and binding Reservation Agreements,” has raised 164% (£591,249) of its £360,004 target from 217 investors (at the time of writing) via Seedrs. Based in London, United Kingdom, Gazeal operates in Property / Digital… Read More

Boring Money, a Fintech Helping Consumers Find Investment Products, Secures £2.2M via Crowdcube

Boring Money, a company that helped 1 million consumers find the appropriate investment products and advice, has raised 124% (£2,237,469) of its £1,800,000 target from 671 investors (at the time of writing) with 2 days left in its crowdfunding campaign via Crowdcube. The company reports… Read More

Overfunding: Global Cashless Tipping Platform TiPJAR Secures £692,780 from 370 Investors via Crowdcube

TiPJAR, which is a global cashless tipping platform designed for hospitality staff & other tipped workers, has secured £692,780 of its £400,000 target from 370 investors via Crowdcube. The company reports an £11,000,000 pre-money valuation, £5.92 share price, and 5.92% equity. There are now 27… Read More

Overfunding: Eastern Europe P2P Lending Platform Fagura Quickly Surpasses €200,000 Funding Target Through Seedrs Investment Round

Fagura, an Eastern Europe peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform, has quickly secured its initial €200,000 funding target through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The funding round, which recently made its debut, has already attracted nearly 175 Seedrs investors so far. Founded in 2018, Figure states it is a… Read More

Latest Scoop on Northern Bloc Ice Cream: Overfunding on Crowdcube

Crowdcube investors have made it clear: they want their ice cream, and they want it natural, free from artificial ingredients and low in sugar with innovative flavor combinations.  Northern Bloc is overfunding, just a week after launching their equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. At this writing,… Read More

Overfunding: Twickets Secures £700,000 Funding Target on Seedrs

Twickets, a London-based ticket resale platform, has successfully secured its initial £700,000 funding target on Seedrs. The company launched the equity crowdfunding campaign last month to gather more funds to grow and develop its platform. As previously reported, the platform has achieved more than  £2.7 million in ticket… Read More

Witt Energy Harvests Over £2.1M on Crowdcube; Campaign Ends Tomorrow

In early March Witt Energy launched a Crowdcube campaign to secure £750,000 for its patented fully scalable innovative energy harvesting system. During its first week on the equity crowdfunding platform, the UK tech company scored £500,000.  Now, in the campaign’s final hours the amount raised for 7.08% equity has surpassed the… Read More

Overfunding On Crowdcube: Primo, Maker Of Smart Toys To Help Young Children Learn To Code

Now overfunding on Crowdcube, Primo is a smart-toy maker that aims to help young children learn computer coding before they can read. I can’t say that’s the order in which I learned these two skills (probably because the company was then but a spark in its founders’ eyes), but… Read More

Vulpine Easily Cycles Past £500K Crowdcube Goal: What Will Vulpine Do with the Extra Funding?

Last week Vulpine, a UK-based cycling clothing brand, launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube with a mission to raise £500,000 for product and international expansion.  The brand easily cycled past its goal, closing in on £845,00 as of this writing. Faced with the decision of continuing to overfund, Founder… Read More

Update: Cycling Clothing Brand Vulpine Surpasses £500,000 in Five Days on Crowdcube

Within less than one week after launching its Crowdcube campaign, UK-based cycling clothing brand Vulpine has already scored its initial £500,000 goal. As previously reported, Vulpine, which was started in 2012 by cyclist Nick Hussey, is hoping to change the way cycling clothing is made. The… Read More

Your Car, But Smarter: Exploride, A Heads-Up Car Display, Wraps Up Abundantly Funded Indiegogo Campaign

In one of India’s biggest crowdfunding success stories, smart gadget Exploride just wrapped up its abundantly funded crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, raising $521,546–512 percent of its original fundraising goal. Exploride is a clear glass heads-up display with gesture and hands-free voice controls, designed to work with any… Read More

Larger Than Life & Overfunding On Crowdcube: IoLight’s High-Res Mobile Microscope Displays Images On Phone

Normally, the larger the bug (or worse, spider) that frisks across my path, the stronger my tendency to cringe. But a little–actually, a lot–closer, and aspects of that skittering speck become almost beautiful: a lace wing, a multifaceted eye. ioLight, maker of a high-resolution portable microscope… Read More

The Dream Of Every Summer Shoe-Wearer: Foot Flops, Flip Flops Formed To Fit Your Feet

People aren’t the only thing that can leave an indelible mark on you–last summer, my favorite (and only) pair of flip-flops nearly did. It was several weeks into fall 2014 before the tops of my feet lost their crisscross pattern from the Teva flip-flops that I wore… Read More

Sleep-Inducing Climate Control For Your Bed: BedJet V2 Now Overfunding On Kickstarter

  Waking up to a screeching alarm clock–on the third try–from a fitful nap disguised as sleep, I’ve questioned the need for schedules. As one of the newest features for a campaign now crowdfunding on Kickstarter, BedJet v2 offers to make your alarm clock obsolete by working with… Read More

Solo Theater: Home Theater (And Your Head) In A Box, Now Overfunding On Japanese Crowdfunding Platform Makuake

  While the crew behind a great movie may think outside the box to create the flick, the single-occupant Solo Theater, from Japanese design house Lucy Alter Design, means you can now watch a film in a box, using your smartphone or tablet–all by yourself. Now overfunding on Japanese platform Makuake,… Read More

Fact: Pagella Politica Is Now Overfunding Its Animated Fact-Checking Campaign On Kickstarter

You might not have the time to thoroughly read a fact-check of a politician’s statements, but a 90-second animated video with what appears to be an adorable and clumsy chicken might be harder to resist. That’s what the young professionals behind Pagella Politica, an Italian independent fact-checking project… Read More

Perfecting Posture in 15 Minutes A Day, BetterBack Is Now Overfunding on Kickstarter

No book teetering on your head as you slowly walk down the hallway, arms outstretched as if you were on a tightrope: BetterBack, a posture-improving product now overfunding on Kickstarter, says that wearing the company’s device just 15 minutes a day can retrain your default… Read More

Aussie-founded, Britain-based Specialty Coffee Company Taylor St. Baristas Tops Funding Target on Crowdcube

For specialty coffee company Taylor St. Baristas, the crowdfunding cup runneth over. The London-based enterprise is now overfunding on Crowdcube, a leading investment crowdfunding platform, with less than a day left in the campaign. Taylor St. Baristas’ mini-bond, with an 8 percent interest rate, has… Read More

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