Video Game Developer Pixeljam Rolls Out New Crowdfunding Platform; Debuts Dino Run Campaign

Seeking to change crowdfunding as we know it, game developer Pixeljam has launched a new platform dedicated to developers and other creative types.

PixeljamAccording to Cult of Mac, Pixeljam’s co-founder, Miles Tilmann, stated that the new “crowdfunding project’ is an experiment that’s an alternative to other platform such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. This new website allows backers to donate funds just like others, but prioritizes transparent communication and instant gratification.

Previously, Pixeljam used Kickstarter for various projects, including Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork (which raised $11,000). Unfortunately this project took about five years to develop and put out.

Tilmann stated to the media outlet:

“We thought this all-or-nothing, fixed-time model doesn’t exactly fit every particular scenario. It’s great for, ‘I have this awesome idea and I need this exact amount of money to make it happen, please help me.”

Admitting that he failed to both his and backers expectations in the past,Tilmann noted:

Miles Tilmann 1“We’ve ben doing this for so long, we’ve been on a roller coaster of indie development, and expectation is one of your worst enemies. Expectations of yourself and other peoples’ expectations of you. And when you get a lot of money, the expectations just naturally go up and then that just creates stress, and that creates problems.”

During a recent update on his blog, Tilmann shared details about the new platform:

“Sobered from our unsuccessful gamble, we stopped dreaming and got practical. We forged a new direction and focused on simply completing the work we had already taken on. First on our list was to release Glorkian Warrior and make good on what we promised so long ago. Next up was getting our existing games on new platforms. Surprisingly, it all paid off better than chasing dreams ever did.”

One of the first campaigns on the new platform is for the 2008 game, Dino Run. Instead of creating a sequel, Pixeljam is seeking to raise funds to add more features to the original game. Unlike Kickstarter and Indiegogo, those who back the project for $5 will immediately receive a copy of the game.

Tilmann stated:

Pixeljam 2“They get the currently version of the game, and then it will just be updated as we reach milestones. And then if they do any of the higher rewards tiers, they will get any of the digital rewards instantly. It’s almost like a public television telethon in that respect because you get money, you don’t get it back, unless you really complain I guess, but we et the money and we give you all of the things in these rewards tiers instantly. And a lot of those things are things we already have to give.”

Tilmann added that this isn’t just a one-off experiment for a single game. If it works out, Pixeljam plans to make its platform and tools available to any indie developer.

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