UK Government Responds to Enterprise Bill Proposals & Creation of Small Business Commissioner

UK TreasuryThe UK Government has published its response to the Enterprise Bill that was created to establish, as a new public body, a Small Business Commissioner.  The new position was described as including the functions of providing general advice and information to small businesses, and considering complaints from small businesses about payment matters in connection with the supply of goods and services to larger businesses. If you are interested in a deeper dive you may view the proposal at the parliament site.

The entire debate and discussion is a part of a push to make the UK “the best place in Europe to start and grow a business and that people who work hard have the opportunity to succeed”.  There is also a desire to “cut red tape” and to set up a process to resolve issues and encourage investment skills. There is a summary fact sheet available here.

The policy initiative is a recognition of maintaining and promoting a global competitive advantage.  Excessive bureaucracy, and affiliated cost, can crush the most ardent entrepreneur.  No government should ever take for granted the compelling need to allow small, innovative businesses to opportunity to thrive – on a global basis.  It is interesting to note there is a similar discussion occurring in the US today.

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