Celery aims to help Indiegogo creators who have completed a crowdfunding campaign to transition easily to their own pre-order store.  Indiegogo and Celery will now provide creators an end-to-end platform for launching and growing entrepreneurial projects.

celery“Celery started with the simple idea that creators deserve world-class tools to bring their products to life,” explained the blog. “By teaming up with Indiegogo, our creators will be joining a growing community marketplace who are eager to support their creativity. We couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead!”

Celery customers will now have access to Indiegogo InDemand which helps enable increased reach by tapping into new audiences.   According to the blog,

Crowdfunding Black and White“Celery will remain a standalone business and our tools will only get better as a result of this acquisition. We’re proud to provide creators the best tools to raise funds, take pre-orders, and continue selling. With Indiegogo, Celery will offer additional ways to build your business by reaching more customers on Indiegogo InDemand… By joining forces with Indiegogo, Celery creators can bring their products to life by tapping into Indiegogo’s vast community of early adopters. Together, Celery and Indiegogo can empower creators at a scale that lifts their creativity to the next level.”