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Newegg to Offer Select Indiegogo Campaigns Order Fulfillment & Promotional Support

On Tuesday, global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo announced it has formed a new partnership with Newegg. The tech-focused e-retailer will now offer order fulfillment and promotional support to select campaigns on the funding portal. Sharing details about the new collaboration, David Mandelbrot, CEO of Indiegogo, stated: “We’re thrilled… Read More

Indiegogo Adds Celery to Cart: Growth in Crowdfunding Market

Co-founded in 2012 by Wharton grads Chris Tsai and Brian Nguyen, Celery has sought to bring new products of all shapes and sizes to the marketplace.  Today the Y Combinator alum blogged that the platform has joined forces with Indiegogo, an “ideal” partner for Celery to accelerate the… Read More

Celery Debuts Launch Platform: ‘Host A Crowdfunding Or Pre-Order Campaign On Your Own Website With Two Lines Of Code’

  Every field has its familiar terms, and crowdfunding is no different. Words and phrases such as “innovate,” “disrupt” and “raise $___ to transform the ___ industry” are often standard in campaigns and product descriptions, usually for good reason. That said, one of the newest launch videos from pre-order platform Celery… Read More

Celery Nabs $2M Round To Help Crowdfunders Transition To Pre-Commerce

When we first reported on payment startup Celery, the company had just come out of Y Combinator (by proxy via Airbrite) to launch a payment solution for crowdfunding project creators who had already closed a crowdfunding round. We did an in-depth interview with Chris Tsai… Read More

Celery Under Fire After Founder Lambastes City Of San Francisco

Earlier in 2013 we reported on San Francisco-based payment startup Celery, who had launched an initiative targeting successful Kickstarter projects. Celery’s Peter Shih recently took to Medium to share 10 things he hates about the city he works in. Kevin Montgomery followed up by completely… Read More

Trying Celery: An Interview With Chris Tsai And Brian Nguyen

Last month we covered the launch of an e-commerce platform called Celery. Celery is the product of a company called Airbrite, forged in the famed Y Combinator incubator and aimed squarely at making e-commerce and the process of collecting preorders easier. This makes Celery a… Read More

Payment Startup Celery Targets Successful Kickstarter Projects

Celery has launched a payment tool that allows anyone to take pre-orders for a product they plan on creating. Credit cards are not charged until the product is ready to ship. You can see an example page here. According to their web site, Celery is… Read More

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