Superbook $1.5M+ Update: 9K+ Backers Dig the Android to Laptop Device

Superbook 3Over 3118% funded. Since its launch last month, the San Francisco startup Andromium’s Kickstarter campaign has secured over $1,560,000 for The Superbook, a device that turns Android smartphones into laptops. Over 9,612 backers have subscribed to the idea, described as a smart laptop shell that consists of an 11.6″ HD screen, keyboard, and multi-touch trackpad. The device offers over 8 hours of battery, phone charging capabilities and will remain connected via the user’s phone’s data, Wifi and Bluetooth

Founded by Google and Y Combinator alumni and helmed by CEO Gordon Zheng, Andromium’s flagship hardware, the Superbook, is a plug-and-play shell that turns an Android smartphone into a complete laptop.  Prices start at $99.

Gordon Zheng“First off, WOW. 1.5M backing for the Superbook? We’re speechless, and have been working hard to figure out what we can do for our stretch goals (while simultaneously trying to source the ones we’ve promised),” posted Andromium on Kickstarter. “Our 1.5M stretch goal is unlocked! For each Superbook, we’re providing our backers with a free custom-branded sleeve.”

Previews of the sleeve, which just arrived, are available on the campaign with the caveat:

andromium“These are the first designs we’ve received. We’re still in the process of finalizing the style and the design of the sleeves. We are evaluating these versus other models, as well as finding ways to imprint better logo designs (there’s a sample coming in with leather emboss, so stay tuned!).”

Andromium stated the Superbook aims to give users the freedom to do more without needing a laptop; there will be no need to sync files or applications again. To recap, users can web browse, answer emails, edit documents, create presentations, play games, and even write codes. The company also noted that all features and capabilities of Superbook will always be compatible with Samsung Galaxy/Note, LG, Nexus, HTC, Sony Xperia, Blu, Huawei (and many more), even if the user upgrades their Android phone. 

Superbook 1Currently available on Kickstarter for $99, the Superbook will include a one connector cord. Those who opt for the special Super for $159 will be able to choice between Gold and Blue colors and will receive a connector cord, full accessories bundle and a universal side mount. The backers who go for the Superbook special will also be added to the Andromium Beta Access Club and have access to the new and experimental features of the company’s app.

The company has already launched its 2M stretch gal perk or a free solid color skin for the Superbook and a 2.5M stretch goal perk 1080p + Backlit Option ($25 added cost upgrade, on top of 1080p upgrade).  Answering backers  who “expressed disappointment at the possibility of having to pay for both the backlit keys upgrade on top of the 1080p screen upgrade when you really only want the screen upgrade.”  Andromium conducted a survey with over 3,000 responses, with 87% indicating their likelihood of opting for the 1080p upgrade.

The decision:

Superbook 4“Thus–after a lot of deliberation–we decided that the best thing we could do to satisfy as many people as possible would be to provide 3 levels of product: 1) Basic, 2) 1080p upgrade, and 3) 1080p+Backlit combo upgrade.  However, this comes with 1 catch – we can only provide the 3rd SKU with enough volume. (We know, there’s always a catch!)  To accomodate for this new volume requirement we decided to move back the backlit keys upgrade as a stretch goal for when we reach $2.5M in funding. “

If and when the campaign hits $2.5M, there will be three options, to keep one’s current tier (+$0),
upgrade to a 1080p screen (+$30 per Superbook) or opt for 1080p AND Backlit Keys (+$55 per Superbook).  The Superbook campaign closes on August 20th.

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