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Super Superbook Update: $2.25M with 4 Days Remaining on Kickstarter Campaign

The Superbook is having a super Kickstarter campaign!  Over 4502% funded, Andromium has secured over $2,252,500 from over 13,539 backers.  Founded by Google and Y Combinator alumni and helmed by CEO Gordon Zheng, Andromium’s flagship hardware, the Superbook, is a plug-and-play shell that turns an Android smartphone into a complete laptop…. Read More

Superbook $1.5M+ Update: 9K+ Backers Dig the Android to Laptop Device

Over 3118% funded. Since its launch last month, the San Francisco startup Andromium’s Kickstarter campaign has secured over $1,560,000 for The Superbook, a device that turns Android smartphones into laptops. Over 9,612 backers have subscribed to the idea, described as a smart laptop shell that consists of an 11.6″ HD screen, keyboard, and… Read More

Andromium, Inc. Launches Kickstarter to Turn Android Smartphones Into Desktop Computers

Last week, Andromium, a company that specializes in Android smartphones, hit Kickstarter to raise $100,000 for a new software that transforms cellular devices into a compact desktop computer. According to the campaign, Andromium’s key mission is to democratize the desktop by making it more affordable and highly accessible…. Read More

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