Despite Fig Campaign Failure Codeglue Reassures: It’s Not the End of “Antegods”

Following the closing of its unsuccessful Fig crowdfunding campaign dedicated to Antegods, video game studio, Codeglue, reassured that the funding round won’t kill the game altogether. Originally seeking $70,000, the project only attracted $40,000.

As previously reported, Antegods is noted to be a successor to Codeglue’s previous title, the award-winning fast-paced action game Rocket Riot.  It has already various awards such as the GDC European Showcase 2017, Insomnia58 Indie Zone Selection 2016, and the Nordic Game Indie Day Selection 2016. The studio revealed:

Antegods is an action-packed arena game in which the remnants of the Mayan civilization have taken to space. Two teams of 4 players each control customizable stonepunk mechs to hunt for energy and fight off opponents in a procedurally generated and highly destructible map. The ultimate goal is to activate enormous ‘titan’ statues that will bring explosive mayhem down upon the enemy team. Whoever wins these tactical battles climbs an intergalactic tournament ladder, ultimately becoming gods themselves.”

During the campaign’s final update, Codeglue stated:

Our fundraising campaign is almost over, and unfortunately our funding goal was not reached. Fear not, this doesn’t mark the end of the Stonepunk adventure. What kind of competitors would we be if we didn’t come back to fight another day. Everyone here at Codeglue would like to express a heartfelt and sincere thank you to all those who contributed during the campaign and showed their faith by supporting us. Making games is difficult and sometimes grueling and it’s the moments when kind words are said and support from other developers given that keep your head from dropping completely.”

The studio went on to add:

“It’s been a trip! And we have learned a lot over the last month, and had some really cool experiences like playing against Streamers or being filmed on national television. We’ve also been inspired by the warm words we received on YouTube, Twitch, Imgur and Twitter and will continue to answer your questions there.”

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