Stress Management Tech Developer BioSelf Seeks £250,000 on Crowdcube For Long-Term Mediation Product SENSATE

BioSelf Technology, a UK-based stress management tech developer, is seeking to raise £250,000 through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube for its mediation product, SENSATE.

According to BioSelf, SENSATE is described as a consumer wearable tech+app solution that provides the benefits of deep relaxation, enhanced well-being and reduced stress for those who don’t have the time to mediate. The company stated:

“Stress is corroding lives but few people have time to learn or practice skills to diffuse it. Cost to individuals is huge: 98% of employees are impacted by stress. Stress kills: it is claimed meditating for a few minutes a day could double ones lifespan, but most people fail to meditate & there is a real need for a shortcut to the benefits of deep relaxation. Other apps or devices train people to relax, SENSATE relaxes people directly.”

Here’s how SENSATE works:

“SENSATE uses bespoke soundscapes, experienced through low-frequency vibration on the body & audio content in headphones (using tactile soundwaves via the infrasonic+audible spectrum). The App will measure real-time biometric data (Heart Rate Variability through in-ear sensors, which will be sourced from a 3rd party) to hone the users well-being response using our proprietary biofeedback algorithm.”

Stefan Chmelik, BioSelf Technology CEO and founder of the Harley Street-based New Medicine Group, commented:

“According to the World Health Organisation, stress-related illnesses cost the UK economy £43bn each year. We know that stress is particularly prevalent in sectors like finance, healthcare and legal, and we believe passionately that SENSATE will be a real force for good.”

The company also noted that following a successful trial, the Crowdcube raise will help it launch the first consumer SENSATE on the reward-based crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. The funds will also bring SENSATE into manufacture and sales. Chmelik added:

“Our investment round has had a very strong start and we are looking forward to welcoming potential investors at this event and allowing them to trial the product first hand.”

Since its launch, the Crowdcube campaign has secured nearly £75,000 from more than 60 investors. It is set to close at the beginning of August.

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