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WiseAlpha, a Fractional Bond Investment Platform, Raises Money on Crowdcube

WiseAlpha, an online investment platform providing access to corporate bonds based in the UK, is raising money on Crowdcube. Offered to both EU and UK investors, WiseAlpha has already topped its initial funding hurdle of £500,000. As of today, £1.05 million has been raised from… Read More

Fintech Savings App Kaldi Secures £472,875 via Crowdcube

Kaldi App, whose developers are on a mission is to transform the savings habits of Gen Z & Millennials by getting them to save earlier & better, has raised £472,875 from 140 investors at the time of writing with 25 days left in the firm’s crowdfunding… Read More

Horiz.io, an SaaS Platform Streamlining Real Estate Investment, Secures €196K+ via Crowdcube

Horiz.io, an SaaS platform aiming to simplify real estate investment for property search, yield calculation & rental management, has secured over €200,000 from more than 210 investors at the time of writing via its crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Crowdcube with currently less than two… Read More

Fintech Chip Nears £5 Million Raised in Return to Crowdcube

Chip, an early-stage Fintech, has returned to Crowdcube to raise another funding round. In 2021, it was reported that Chip raised £11.5 million in a funding round listed on Crowdcube. At that time, Chip saw almost 13,000 investors support the firm in an equity offering… Read More

Prosper Tops £700,000 on Crowdcube

Investment platform Prosper has topped £700,000 on Crowdcube in a securities offering that is raising growth capital at a pre-money valuation of £12,135,385. According to the offering page, The EIS-qualified equity offering has received the backing of 197 investors. The per-share price is £29.50 with… Read More

HAATCH SEIS Fund, which Focuses on B2B SaaS Firms, Raises £377K+ via Crowdcube

HAATCH SEIS Fund is an SEIS fund focused “on accelerating Pre-Seed B2B SaaS companies to their first £1m ARR and building the infrastructure to get to £10m+.” HAATCH SEIS Fund has raised £377,873 in capital via Crowdcube from 121 investors (at the time of writing) with… Read More

Following Angel Round, Prosper Lists Securities Offer on Crowdcube

Prosper, a UK Wealthtech that aims to improve investment offerings for the mass affluent has opened up a funding round on Crowdcube. In a release, Prosper CEO Nick Perrett stated: “It’s time that the people who help you with your money are motivated to keep… Read More

Regulated Digital Bank Kroo Raises Money on Crowdcube at £120 Million Valuation

Kroo, a UK digital bank authorized and regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority, is raising money on Crowdcube. Kroo has listed a securities offering to raise £1 million at a pre-money valuation of £120 million. That funding target has already been… Read More

Crowdcube Makes Big Move in Enabling Secondary Transactions for Crowdfunded Securities by Acquiring Semper

In probably the biggest move since new leadership took over at Crowdcube, the investment crowdfunding platform has acquired Semper to further its ability to enable secondary trading of crowdfunded securities. The terms of the acquisition were not revealed. This is Crowdcube’s first acquisition. The two… Read More

To Simplify EIS – SEIS Tax Benefits, Crowdcube Partners with TaxScouts

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Investment Enterprise Scheme (SEIS) provide materially important tax benefits for investors in early-stage firms in the UK. Designed to encourage the support of entrepreneurs and younger firms, EIS and SEIS mitigate risk for investors while possibly generating tax-free… Read More

Future Fund: UK Firms that Married Crowdfunding with Government Funds Have Performed Better – Report

The UK government launched various programs to support businesses during the difficult days of the COVID crisis. While there is plenty of rear-view commentary today, at that time, things looked pretty dire for the UK economy, and supporting businesses that were hammered during the lockdowns… Read More

France’s Homki, which Aims to Transform Real Estate Sector, Raises €347,341K via Crowdcube

Homki, which aims to transform the real estate industry, has raised 118% (€355,308) of its €300,000 target from 157 investors (at the time of writing) via its crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Crowdcube with 14 days left in the sale. Homki says its mission is… Read More

Tred, the UK’s Green Banking Platform, Secures £171K+ via Crowdcube

Tred, which aims to build one of the UK’s green banking platforms, has secured 114% (£171,707.44) of its £150,000 target from 428 investors with 3 days left in the firm’s crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Crowdcube. Tred explains that they are B Corp pending as well… Read More

Crowdcube Provides August Performance Info

Crowdcube, one of the largest investment platforms in the world, has posted a brief update on its operations during the month of August. According to an “X” (previously a Tweet), during the month of August: Wombat raised the most amount of funds, booking £2,963,608. 3ti… Read More

Dot Investing, which Aims to Tap into Investments for Investors with Limited Access to Private Markets, Secures Funding via Crowdcube

Dot Investing, which aims to tap into investments for the £75.2tn pool of capital with limited access to fast-evolving private markets, has raised 99% (£744,625.44) of its £750,000 fundraising target (at the time of writing) from 87 investors via its crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Crowdcube,… Read More

Crowdcube to Utilize Legaltech to Speed Up the Funding Process in SeedLegals Partnership

Crowdcube has revealed a partnership with Legaltech firm SeedLegals. The goal is to speed up the fundraising process the utilizing technology. Crowdcube is expected to integrate the SeedLegals services directly into its platform in the coming months. This will also include applying for EIS/SEIS qualification,… Read More

Ampergia Limited, which Enables Businesses’ Net-Zero Transitions, Acquires £117,100 via Crowdcube

Ampergia Limited, which aims to enable businesses’ net-zero transitions, has reportedly acquired 58% (£117,100) of its £200,000 fundraising target with 5 days left in the sale (at the time of writing) from 92 investors through its crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Crowdcube. Based in the United… Read More

UK Fintech Freetrade, the Builder of an App for Consumers’ Life Savings, Raises £1.76M+ via Crowdcube

Freetrade, which claims it is building the home screen app for your life savings, has raised 176% (£1,764,417.20) of its £1,000,000 target (from 3194 investors with 3 days left in the sale at the time of writing) through its crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Crowdcube…. Read More

Crowdcube Co-Founder Darren Westlake Joins Board of Crowdfunder

Darren Westlake, co-founder and former CEO of Crowdcube, has joined the board of directors of Crowdfunder, a UK-based rewards platform. According to multiple reports, Westlake will become the “interim chairperson” to help direct the strategy of the platform. Westlake exited Crowdcube earlier this year, passing… Read More

BrewDog’s James Watt Provides £250K in Funding to Basket, a Digital Commerce Tech Startup

James Watt’s ‘The Next Unicorn’ project, where he has linked up with Crowdcube in order to find the next “beast,” has provided Basket with £250,000 in funding, according to a report in Tech.eu. Basket is a tech startup established by Lex Deak and William Neill…. Read More

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