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Overfunding: Bank North, a Fintech enabled Banking Platform, Acquires £1.55M+ from 486 Investors via Crowdcube

Bank North, a Fintech-enabled bank, which will combine cloud-native tech with the trust of face-to-face relationship banking with the “aim of disrupting the £150bn UK SME lending market,” has secured 114% (£1,552,134) of its £1,350,000 target from 486 investors (at the time of writing) with… Read More

Overfunding: TaxScouts, a Firm that Aims to Make Sorting Taxes More Efficient, Secures £1.65M+ via Crowdcube

TaxScouts, which claims to be on a mission to make sorting taxes “affordable and effortless,” has raised 165% (£1,652,047) of its £1,000,000 target from 597 investors (at the time of writing) via Crowdcube with 24 days left in the firm’s crowdfunding campaign. TaxScouts reveals that… Read More

Gratitude, a Firm Offsetting Carbon Emissions by Giving Cashback for In-game Purchases, Acquires £149,570 via Crowdcube

Gratitude, which aims to help offset carbon emissions by allowing users to “receive cashback from in-game purchases,” has raised 54% (£149,570) of its £275,000 target (at the time of writing) from 132 investors through a crowdfunding campaign carried out via Crowdcube with 22 days left… Read More

Praxonomy, a Collaboration Platform for Boards of Pre IPO Firms, Secures £459,930 via Crowdcube

Praxonomy, the “go-to” collaboration platform for boards of pre-IPO, small-cap and mid-cap listed firms as well as regulated private businesses, has raised 91% (£459,930) of its £500,000 target from 235 investors via Crowdcube (at the time of writing) with 9 days left in the firm’s… Read More

Ruby Datum, a Secure Virtual Data Room, Acquires £114K+ from 131 Investors via Crowdcube

Ruby Datum, which aims to be a platform with a “credible” reputation for being intuitive, resilient, and rapid for collaboration, has raised 76% (£114,456) of its £150,000 target from 131 investors through its crowdfunding campaign via Crowdcube (with 16 days left in the campaign at… Read More

Stryve, a Company Focused on Enhancing “Future of Work” via Automation, Secures £244K+ via Crowdcube

Stryve, which is focused on the “future of work” by leveraging automation, has secured 122% (£244,072) of its £200,000 target from 168 investors via Crowdcube with 25 days left in its crowdfunding campaign (at the time of writing). As explained in the update, Stryve’s ‘Talent… Read More

HERMESNET, which Aims to Automate a Manual Legacy in Private Equity, Secures £145,211 from 107 Investors via Crowdcube

HERMESNET, which aims to automate a manual legacy in private equity (PE), has acquired 96% (£145,211) of its £150,000 fundraising target from 107 investors. HERMESNET has secured capital via its crowdfunding campaign being carried out through Crowdcube (with 24 days left in the sale at… Read More

UK’s Just Move In, Which Aims to Build Highest-Rated Home Move Platform, Acquires £1.39M+ via Crowdcube

Just Move In, which claims to be on a mission to build the United Kingdom’s highest rated home move platform, saving customers time, hassle & money, has secured 139% (£1,396,199 from 337 investors) of its £1,000,000 target via Crowdcube (at the time of writing) with… Read More

HOKO, the Homeowner’s Architect, Secures £446K+ from 251 Investors via Crowdcube

HOKO // The Homeowner’s Architect has raised 89% (£446,973) of its £500,000 target (at the time of writing) from 251 investors via its crowdfunding campaign carried out through Crowdcube. Currently, there are 11 days left in the firm’s campaign. The UK-based company reports a £15,000,000… Read More

GO MODULAR, which Aims to Create Modular Housing Solutions for Various Developments, Acquires £304,613 via Crowdcube

GO MODULAR, which aims to create low impact, “bespoke,” modular housing solutions for small and medium-sized developments, has acquired 93% (£304,613) of its £325,000 fundraising target from 284 investors via Crowdcube with 17 days left in the platform’s crowdfunding campaign. GO MODULAR or GM explains… Read More

Crowdfunded Electric Vehicle Firm Uniti Needs to Raise 5 Million SEK by Next Week or it May Shutdown

Uniti, an electric car firm based in Sweden that has raised funding online via crowdfunding offerings, a self crowdfunding round, as well as venture capital, says it must raise at least 5 million SEK (~$457,000) by December 10th or it is likely that Uniti will… Read More

Overfunding: UK Fintech Freetrade Secures £8.7M+ from 6926 Investors via Crowdcube

Freetrade, a company that’s on a mission to get everyone investing, has secured  879% (£8,799,726) of its £1,000,000 fundraising target from 6926 investors (at the time of writing) via Crowdcube – with 1 day left in the Fintech firm’s crowdfunding campaign. A UK Financial Conduct… Read More

Boring Money, a Fintech Helping Consumers Find Investment Products, Secures £2.2M via Crowdcube

Boring Money, a company that helped 1 million consumers find the appropriate investment products and advice, has raised 124% (£2,237,469) of its £1,800,000 target from 671 investors (at the time of writing) with 2 days left in its crowdfunding campaign via Crowdcube. The company reports… Read More

Circle, Owner of SeedInvest, Invests $10.5 Million in Crowdcube in Move to Expand Securities Crowdfunding

Circle, a digital asset firm that is a top stablecoin issuer and owner of investment platform SeedInvest, has invested $10.5 million in Crowdcube. The total funding round was $13.5 million. Circle’s investment in Crowdcube was made via USD Coin (USDC) – a dollar-based stablecoin. The percentage… Read More

UK Fintech CIRCA5000, a Company Making Investing Easier for Everyone, Acquires £2.7M via Crowdcube

CIRCA5000 (previously doing business as tickr) has acquired 273% (£2,738,190) of its £1M fundraising target from 1574 investors (at the time of writing) via Crowdcube with 27 days left in the firm’s crowdfunding campaign. The UK-based firm reports a £30 million pre-money valuation, a £1.43… Read More

UK Payments Fintech Caxton Secures £1.5M+ from 1011 Investors via Crowdcube

Caxton, which claims to be a profitable payments Fintech, has secured 151% (£1,512,752) of its £1M fundraising target from 1011 investors (at the time of writing) via Crowdcube. Caxton, which says it has a great team and proven technology and further claims that 500k+ B2B… Read More

Harmonized European Crowdfunding Rules Go Into Effect

Harmonized European crowdfunding laws commence today (November 10, 2021). After years of engagement by industry leaders, largely due to the efforts of EuroCrowd, issuers may now utilize investment platforms to sell securities across all EU member states. The European Crowdfunding Service Providers Regulation (ECSPR) rules… Read More

Crowdcube Aims to Take Advantage of New European Union Crowdfunding Rules

Crowdcube aims to become the very first platform to operate under new European Union regulations (European Crowdfunding Service Providers or ECSP). Crowdcube, a leading online investment marketplace, will now be “uniquely positioned” to assist even more Europe-based businesses with securing capital while promoting engagement, loyalty,… Read More

ROUND, which Aims to be “Uber” of In-Venue Ordering, Secures £345,151 from 604 Investors via Crowdcube

ROUND, which aims to be the “Uber” of in-venue ordering by offering a single app to buy food & drink from your smartphone, wherever you go, has secured 34% (£345,151) of its fundraising target via Crowdcube, with 21 days left in the sale. ROUND says… Read More

Crowdcube Reports £3 Million in Revenue for Q3, Works on European Expansion in Advance of New EU Crowdfunding Rules

Crowdcube, a leading investment crowdfunding platform operating in the UK and continental Europe, has posted an update on platform performance. According to CEO and founder Darren Westlake, Crowdcube generated £3 million in top-line revenue during Q3 – down slightly from the £3.2 million generated in… Read More

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